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I know that my english is not that good. But I do my best! :)

The thing you hade the most.

The things you hade the most, is sometimes also the things you love the most, or at least think good of.
Don't you ever wonder why the things that you hate the most, sometimes also is one of the things you may have liked or even still like.

Well, I have! It happens all the time for me. And in this post, I will try to share my thoughts on this subject

Love is the one thing that i hate the most! But don't get me wrong now, love is great when the other person loves you too or when you just know that he/she does. But i could very much live without all the confusing emotions that runs through my head, when i think that i love someone and not knowing if she loves me back or not. I say stupid things, I can very easy get hurt, my heart is pumping very fast and i can't think clear.
Well, you might like this kind of feeling. But i don't and that's where my point is. Just becouse you like something, dosen't mean that your partner, friend, mother or your internet/sms-friends does. This is one way to be connected with the things you hate the most.

Another way.
The things in your life that you love, is also the things that you know best. That is why you know what to hate about that thing or person.

A third way.
Now we know that you have to know what to hate, in order to hate it. But not everything about a person or a thing is bad, right? Becouse why did we find the person or thing in the first place and get to know it. If we knew that we would be going to hate it.

My thought.
So, in order to hate something. We must love it. And before we can love it, we must also hate it. Think about that :D

Water can think

Hey everyone :) Did you know that water can think? :O

I just found out and then i thought that i wantet to share this with my readers! :)

First of all
I did some experimenting and found out that one cam make water do different things!.

You can make it freeze on demand.

You can also make it taste better, by giving it some love :P

How to make it freeze.
First you will need a bucket, filled with water. Then put some salt in the water, So that you have salt water! Place the bucket in a cold place (Under 0 degrees). That could be in a freezer, or outside in the snow (At winter). leave the bucket there, untill the water in it is under the 0 degrees.

Now you take a small empty CocaCola bottle, or something like that and fill it with normal water. Place the bottle with normal water inside, in the bucket with cold salt water for about 4-8 hours. That depends on how cold the salt water is.

4-8 hours later:
Take the bottle up now and slam it against a wall ( Don't break it! ). The water inside the botle should now begin to freeze.

The water didn't freeze before, becouse the salt water around it didn't either. But when you take the bottle up and smash on it, The water inside begins to freeze becouse it realizes that it is under 0 degrees.

Saltwater can be freezing -23 degrees, without making ice.

The end
I think that this is amazing :)

Forget on demand

Can we forget things?
Do we remember everything?
How can i forget on demand?
Is there a way to forget things instantly?

Those are all questions that I will try to answer in this post.

Can we forget things?
Well, we never forget anything. Everything! Is storet in our minds. But it's only the most significant memories that we think we can remember.

Do we remember everything?
As i said above, Yes! We do remember everything. We just don't "remember" that we do. I know that it sounded a little strange :)

How can i forget on demand?
And the answer is "No, you can't". And if we could, we wouldn't learn things as fast as we do now. Meaning that: Everytime we do something like reading a book, driving a car or talking to someone, we do it better at second try. You don't allways notice it, but you acturly learn something all the time. So if you knew how to forget the problems with your boyfriend, or how bad your day at work was. Then those problems would just apear again next time you were in that same situation. Because you didn't use the knowledge that you would have gained from your last try.

Is there a way to forget things instantly?
Well, I just gave you the answer :)

But know you should be ready to know, that there really is a way to forget things instantly.

It's called hypnosis. By using one of the many ways to communicate with a persons memory through hypnosis, you can force someones brain to forget small parts of his life. But be carefull! If one looses the wrong part of his memory, he can end up thinking that he is another person. Because he now don't remember those small things that made him, who he are today.

The end

It was fun to answer these very interesting questions! :)

I hope you all were able to understand my answers?

Have something done!

Want to stop smoking, start loosing fat, get bigger muscles or lern how to make websites?
By using my new method, you can force yourself to do things like the ones mentioned above.

Step 1.
Write yourself a note, that explains what you want to accomplish or have done. Like this: I want to stop drinking cola everyday and only drink it once a week.

Step 2.
Place your note infront of you, while doing the thing you like to doing the most. This wil let your mind remember the note and compare it to the thing you like doing the most and therefore you will more likely do what the note says.

Step 3.
Place your note next to your bet, on a table. When you sleep, you are aware of the things arround you and therefore your mind will use the note in at least one of your dreams that night. note that you might not remember the dream. But it will for sure help you even furter to accomplish what the note says.

Step 4.
Make a pact with your friends, by showing them your note. By doing that, it will make it harder for you not to do what the note says. Note that if you don't want to tell your friends, then you can tell your family and it will still work. You can also tell both your friend and your family and make the effect even stronger! :)

Step 5.
Now just keeb the note on you for another week or so, or just untill you can remember the no easily.

You should now find it a lot easier to acheive what you wantet to
acheive :)

The end
I hope that I was able to help you by posting this? :)

Greetings and best of luck, from Jim Rasmussen. The owner of this blog.

Mom? What is this? "Christmas story"

The story starts far away up in the cold mountains, in a small wooden house.
"Hey, mon?. Why does it still snow outside?" Said Martin. Martin was a young boy at 13 years. "What do you mean my dear? It allways snow up here." His mom was one of those "Mom's" Who just make ones life 200% better living.
"Year, i konw, but my friend said that it didn't snow everywhere?" Martin had a friend, who lived just 500 meters away. A rich friend, who's parents just moved up in the mountains to write. "Well, that's becouse he comes from the big city NewYork and it does not snow there all the time." "ah, okay, i see."

2 days later
"Mom, mom, mom, mom!!" My friend asks me if i can take with him to NewYork. It will only be for a week." "Hmm, I don't know." "Come on mom!" Martin smiled "Okay, but you have to be here on time, one week from now!" Mom said. "I promise mom, I promise."

2 days later, in newyork
"Martin! Hurry up, my mom wants to tell you something important." It was 8'a clock, in the morning. "Hey martin, I have something sad to say. Your mom ---|1 minute of silence|--- your mom might be hurt." "What!?" Marting was sad, he could not understant how that could be. "What happend to her?" did Martin ask. Lisa was Martins frinds mom. "She went after us when we drove away to the airport." "But, why would she do that?" said Martin. "I don't know?" Said Lisa. "And how do you know that she is hurt? You don't get hurt just by driving a car?"

Lisa said that the local hospital had called and said that she was in great danger! Her car had been hit by a truck. At the time when Lisa told Martin, Martin was chocked and very sad. He didn't even want to go to the movies with his friend. Lisa decided to take Martin home to his mom.

1 day later, back home at the hospital
"Hey mom!" Martin ran through the hospital and right into his moms arms. "I haven't slept all the night mom! Why did you come after us?" "I just wantet to give you this note my dear and tell you that you could open it when you arrived at NewYork"

The letter
Hi martin, my sweet son. NewYork is a long way from home and i'm going to miss you so much. Allways remember my son, that i love you very much.

The end

I hope that you all liked my little story :)

Christmas poem

The snow is white and the sun is bright!
My feet are cold and im like the few,
not to get up, when the morning is new.

It's dark outside and warm in here.
But with my blanket on, I realy don't care.

the end

That was my surprise for today! I hope that you all liked it? Becouse I've written it especially for my readers. :)
The poet was about getting up in the morning, when it's cold and dark outside.

Come back again tomorrow, where I will write a little Christmas adventure
Best of luck to you all! From me, Jim Rasmussen

Where the christmas socks came from

Helo everyone! And happy 5 December :) Today im going to tell you all about the christmas socks.
There is actually nice little story behind :)

The christmas socks
We all know that it is the socks as we hang up at Christmas. A sock for each child in the family. And not the parrents! :)

But why is it that we hang theese socks up at christmas?

While there are no written records of the origin of the Christmas stocking, there are popular legends that attempt to tell the history of this Christmas tradition. One such legend has several variations, but the following is a good example:Long ago, there lived a poor man and his three beautiful daughters. He had no money to get his daughters married, and he was worried what would happen to them after his death.

Saint Nicholas was passing through when he heard the villagers talking about the girls. St. Nicholas wanted to help, but knew that the old man wouldn`t accept charity. He decided to help in secret. He waited until it was night and crept through the chimney.

He had three bags of gold coins with him, one for each girl. As he was looking for a place to keep those three bags, he noticed stockings of the three girls that were hung over the mantelpiece for drying. He put one bag in each stocking and off he went. When the girls and their father woke up the next morning, they found the bags of gold coins and were of course, overjoyed. The girls were able to get married and live happily ever after.[1]

This led to the custom of children hanging stockings or putting out shoes, eagerly awaiting gifts from Saint Nicholas. Sometimes the story is told with gold balls instead of bags of gold. That is why three gold balls, sometimes represented as oranges, are one of the symbols for St. Nicholas. And so St. Nicholas is a gift-giver.

The tradition began in many European countries. Originally, children simply used one of their everyday socks, but eventually special Christmas stockings were created for this purpose. Today, stores carry a tremendous variety of styles and sizes of Christmas stockings, and Christmas stockings are also a popular homemade craft.

Many families create their own Christmas stockings with each family member's name applied to the stocking so that Santa will know which stocking belongs to which family member.

That was the story of the christmas socks! :) Thanks for reading!

The end

I won't tell you what i'm going to post tomorrow! That's a suprise :)
Best of luck! From Jim Rasmussen :)

Hey there everyone! And happy 4 December :) Today i'm going to tell you all about the christmas tree and why we have it.

The christmas tree
Well, a christmas without a christmas tree, wouldn't be the same! Right? :)
Back in the 7th century a monk from Crediton, Devonshire, traveled to Germany to spread the Word of God. Legend has it that he used the triangular shape of the Fir Tree to describe the Holy Trinity of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit to the German people. The German people started to revere the Fir Tree as "God's Tree". In the next 5 centuries, the tree became a symbol of Christianity, and was being hung upside-down from the ceiling as a sign of Christianity.

So now we know why we use it at christmas eve! :) But when did the first known "decorated" tree apear.

The first known decorated Christmas Tree was at Riga in Latvia, in 1510. Martin Luther decorated a small Christmas Tree in 1535 with candles for his children, to show them how the stars twinkle through the night. Cute right? :) Since then, the decoration of the christmas trees has evolved. Earlier trees were more biblically symbolized as the "Paradise Tree in the Garden of Eden". The many food items were symbols of Plenty, the flowers originally were only red (for Knowledge) and white (for Innocence). Today we have all sorts of things decorating the "Christmas tree"

So now you know a little more about the christmas tree :)

The end

Come back again tomorrow and read about "Where the christmas socks came from"

Best of luck from me, Jim Rasmussen.
See you tomorrow:)

Where the first snowman came from

Hey everyone! :) And happy 3 Decemper.

Today i'm going to write about the snowman and why we make them.

I found this short article on the internet, which describes why we make smowmen.
It's a well-documented fact that the very first snowman was made in Eau Claire, Wisconsin on January 7, 1809 by a Mr. Vernon N. Paul and his nine-year-old daughter, little Yetty Paul. According to Mr. Paul, he told his daughter that the snowman was intended to frighten away the Boxing Day elves. (Popular legend said Boxing Day Elves reclaimed Christmas presents.) Once the Paul family's neighbors saw the snowman, and little Yetty explained to her friends how easy it was to make (and no doubt, how effective it was at keeping the Boxing Day elves away), children all over the town were making snowmen.

Word soon spread and the New York Times dispatched a writer named Hillary Sherpa to check out rumors of a town poulated by snow men. Of course, she found that Eau Clairre was not really populated by snow people, but instead, effigies of people, made of snow, "seemed to virtually populate every corner of the town." According to the Ms. Sherpa's article, even though the snowmen and snowwomen "had an appearance bordering on abysmal, indeed abominable, even" the trend caught on and soon spread nationwide by the eve of the Civil War. When war broke out in South Carolina in 1861, the Times of London (and a host of other international newspapers and news reporting agencies, including Berlin's leading newspaper, Der Kruller) came to the US to report on the war. The TRime os London actually was the first international newspaper to pick up a story on the tradition of snowmen, more as a human interst story than anything else. And as they say, "the rest is history."

That's cool, right? :) So we better get going! And get thoose snowmen built! :D

The end

Come back again tomorrow, wherei will post "Why do we have a Christmas Tree, and how did it originate?"

Best of luck, from me! :) Jim Rasmussen

Things to know about santa

Helo everyone! And happy 2 Decemper :)

I hope that you all enjoyed the game-sites i posted yesterday? Todays post is going to be about santa and things you should know about him! :)

Santa and CocaCola
Before the 1931 introduction of the Coca-Cola. Santa Claus created by artist Haddon Sundblom, the image of Santa ranged from big to small and fat to tall. Santa even appeared as an elf and looked a bit spooky.

So if it wasn't for CocaCola, santa wouldn't look anything like he does today! :)

Santa and the devil
There is an old saying, that santa is made by the devil to make us forget jesus!

The end

Come back again tomorrow, where I will post "where the first snowman came from"
Best of luck, from Jim Rasmussen! :)

1 Decemper

Hey everyone! :) And happy 1 December!

Today i'm going to post a list of 2 great christmas game-sites :)

A known game site, where you can find hundreds of games! But they have a category for christmas related games too. :) Check it out!
This is a flash based website, with chritsmas related games and other funny things :)

The end

Come back again tomorrow, where i will post "Things you should know about santa"

Best of luck, from Jim Rasmussen! :)

swine flu

Hey everyone! :) I know that it's a little late for blogging! But i just can't sleep.

And as i lay down in my bed, this scarry thought came through my mind. Wht if the swine flu is going to be as deadly as the Black Death disease?

Well, I just heard that the doctors think it's going away now! :) But some also say that it's only for a short period of time and that it might come back more powerfull again soon

The english version!

Well, I promised you to post the complete version (in english). I have done that now! :) Watch it bellow.

The danish version will be deleted. And the link changed to this version on both posts! :)

Help me making better films in the future, by commenting on this one! :)

My first flash movie

Hey everyone! :D

Today is a great day for me! Because i just finished my first flash movie! :) And I want to share it with all of my readers. Hope you enjoy! :)

I am working on a english version of this film! And I will let you know when it's finished :)

Funny thought

Hey everyone :D Here is something you should try! :)

Next time you go to your local store, then find the place where all the kitchen stuff is and turn all the clock timers at 5 min. :D And then hide somewhere near. Just so that you can see what happens when someone walks over there and they start ringing! :D

I know that this one is a little old! But still fun. And if you sometimes just need a cheap lough? Then this one is great :)

Things that you shouyld know before you do it:

  1. When you turn a analog clock, then remember to turn it all the way over to one hour or what ever the max amount of time is and then turn it back to 5 min. By doing this, the clock will ring longer.
  2. Make sure that you don't get cought in your own trap! I mean, make sure that you are done before the first clock starts to ring.
  3. Make sure that there is noone around when you do it.
  4. Don't do it more than once in that same store. Otherwise they will remove the clocks and people will find out that it was you.
  5. But try doing it in different stores :D

And that was it!
I hope that you liked my post? :) And if you find this one funny? Then you might like the one below too:
---> Very funny thought


What would the world be like if everything was upside-down? If it was Cold when it suposed to be warm, or if a lot of money was worth nothing and small amounts was worth a lot. Would the world then be a better place?

I heard this thought from one of my friends today and I have heard it from others too. But why do some of us wonder what the world would be like if everything was different? Well, I think that it's because of all the stress in our life! We don't have time to relax anymore and if we then make time to relax, we might end up loosing our jop or others might think that we are lazy! I think that we push ourselves way too hard! We forget who we realy are and what we stand for. All the time we try to live up to those millionairs who think that they are above us "normal" humans who don't have our asses filled up with money!

But what do you think? Don't you want to use your short life, doing things, see the world, travel in the mountains, Relax, listen to the radio, have a life without stress. But, most of all, a life where we don't have to run all the time to ern for the living and then in the end feel like our life has just disappeared. I think that if we keeb on going as fast as we do and keeb turning ub the pressure! Then we might end up destroying ourselves and have to start all over again. I know that we only use 10 percent of our brain-capacity. But that's just because that we do not know how to fully understand ourselves. If we just lerned how to use our brain and our boddy fully, then we could have feagured out this "How to make our world a better place" problem, a long time ago :)

Think about that! :)

Plz, post some comments on this post and tell me what you think? Am i right? Or do i get this all wrong? Tell me what you think :)

Best of luck from me:

Jim rasmussen.

The owner of this blog!

2012 Review

I just got home from the cinema, after watching the movie "2012" Great movie i must say!

The happening starts very quick and the story behind is very short! You have to realy concentrate to understand the story behind 2012.
2010 and 2011 is where the story behind is happening. Then you will be thrown into the year of 2012, with a great amound of action! And that's where the movie realy starts to get exiting! The movie lasts for almost 3 hours. 2 hours an 40 minutes to be exact.

Actors: John Cusack, Chiwetel Ejiofer, Oliver Platt, Danny Glover, Woody Harrelson, Amanda peet and Thandie Newton.

4 Out of 5

That's my personal score of this movie. Great film and great actors. This film has to be watched in the cinema or with a big home cinema system!

And that was it, im out! :) Hope you all get the chance to watch this movie!
Greetings from me! The owner of this blog:
Jim Rasmussen

You can get more info on the movie here ---> 2012 Who will survive

Its good to be afraid

being afraid, is something spacial! Something that makes us as humans, think clear and do our best at serten things/tasks!

In this post, i'm going to tell you how i think that we can use fear for something good!

Many of us, will most likely try to avoid fear and the things they just can't seem to face. I'm not the best at this myself! But i have given it some thoughts. What if one can use her/his fear to get more selfcontrole, to accomplish more in life and to Lern how to give your best at all times.

I would say that we can all lern something from fear! And that we should take our fear and turn it against our problems! Then we might be able to solve future problems easyer! :)

The end

Just keeb on going

Hi everyone! I'm sorry for not posting here on my blog for a while now! But i just have so much in my head theese days.

Today i'm going to tell you all a little story, about keeb on going. So im going to start with a movie! After the movie i will cuntinue my little story :) Plz enjoy!

The video above was made by Mily Cyrus.

Keeb on going

Now, what does this "Keeb on going" mean? Well, it's just a way of speaking and how i think that ones life is ment to be lived! I think that if you just take all bad things and all good things from your past life, throw it away and only concentrate on the new things in your life. The past is a mystery that we never can solve.

Why use your time solving things that has already happend? When you can use your time solving the problems that you are facing at the moment. Think about that. Let your happanings guide your way through life.

When you have decided to move forward.

Choose one path in your live and the follow that path until it splits up again. Again, don't use your time thinking about what would had happened, if you had choosen a different path. Life is too short for that. Then when you are on your way trhough life, on your own path. Make sure that you let your path guide you to the next split, if you are afraid of following the path that you have choosen, you might end up far away from your own life's path and loose a lot of your time finding your way back on the right path again. Ofcourse you can say that there are no right path, but only the one that you choose. But if you get off that path, then it's not your path anymore.

Let's say that you have to get from a to b. A being you as child and b being you as old. At a, there is 3 ways to choose from. They all get to the same place at the end "b". Now you choose path 2 and start walking your way through the path. At the end of that path, you now see that there are 100 different path'es to choose from. No matter wich one you choose, you will get a car that make your trip through your path easyer. You choose path 56 and starts your new car. This road is hard to follow becouse of all the curves. You then start's to wonder if one of the other path'es might have been easyer to follow? Or maybe faster? While your are using a lot of your concentration, thinking about this other path. You forget to turn at the next curve and drives over a cliff. Now, becuse you didn't concentrate on the path you had choosen, you drive wrong and now have to spend a lot of time driving back to where you began the new path, to get on course again. This amount of time, you could have used to get further og the original path that you choosed from the begining. Therefore you dont get as far in your life as you could.

End of story

I hope that you found my little story interesting, or maybe helping. Just don't use your time thinking about your past! Move forward and get rich. Not rich in money, but in life experience and happiness! :)

2012 Who will survive

Never before has a date in history been so significant to so many cultures, so many religions, scientists, and governments. "2012" is an epic adventure about a global cataclysm that brings an end to the world and tells of the heroic struggle of the survivors.

I have chosen to write about this movie, because i'm a big fan of this kind of films! I have seen "The independence day" and "The day after tomorrow". Wich by the way is made by the same director as "2012". I think that theese movies are great , because of the uniqe touch that they have! The director behind a movie like this, have this abillity to make you feel like you are part of the story. I can say that , because i know him from the two other films directed by him.

The most known release date of "2012", is november 13. This can change from country to country.

The inside
Now i'm going to give you some snside info about the movie.

Filming began in August 2008 in Vancouver.

The film is Directed by: Roland Emmerich.

Genres: Drama, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Family.

Actors: John Cusack, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Oliver Platt, Danny Glover, Woody Harrelson, Amanda Peet, Thandie Newton.

Screenwriter: Roland Emmerich, Harald Kloser.

Producer: Harald KloserMark, GordonLarry Franco, Volker Engel, Marc Weigert.

Executive Producer: Ute EmmerichMichael, Wimer.

Cinematographer: Dean Semler.

All in one
I think that this is great news and i realy look forward to watch this movie! And i will for sure post my review of it, when i have seen it! :)

Bellow i will post the link to the official website, the trailer and some pictures.

The trailer:

And as promised, some pictures:

Music (Good or bad)

Why is it, that we know when music sounds great or not? Is it because that sounds fit together like magnets. So that two minus don't fit, but plus and minus do? If so, then making music would be way too easy. Because then we could just record some minus and plus sounds and put them together, so that they fit.
I think that it's a lot more complicated that that! So what is it, that makes music sounds good?

Some people think that its because that, music consists of some uniqe frequencies that activates a part of our mind. So that we like it. If that was true, then music could mind-fuck us! And make us du things that we don't want to and may regret later.

Others say that its a coincidence that we like some songs and others not.

Some people even thinks that songs are capable talking to our souls and therefore bring forward our memories from the past (as they are storet in our soul) And if those memories is good? Then we like the song. But two people like the same songs, does that then mean they have the same past? I don't think so!

Well, its nice to have a theori about why we like some songs and others not. Infact, there is a lot of them out there! But none of them tells us, what it is that makes us like a song?
Is it the beat, the singer, the name of the song, the artist name, the genre, or is it them all combined correctly that makes us like a song. Well, if it is? Then, how do we know when it all fits? I personaly like lot's of different songs! Both rock, pop and techno. So there muso be something in all of the songs that i like, something that is the same in all songs and genres! But what is it?

Thank you for reading this! :) This was my random thought of today! :)

I hope that you liked reading this? :)

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Sleep, The way to another dimention

Here is something i have found out! :)

When you go to sleep, then you reboot yourself and start over again. But your mind does remember the things, that happend before you went to sleep (Rebooted yourself). But! You don't remember/recover your mental state!

If you for example, just went home from a party. Then most people don't feel well, They don't feel like they did just two days Ago. But if one then goes to sleep/reboot him/her self. The mental state also begins from scratch! :) So when you come home from party, vacation, or anything like that. Then just take a nap! :) And your mental state will then adapt the new enviorment!

If you do this enough, then you can actualy prevent stress and depression.

If you have stress or depression? Then try using this method to adapt to your enviroment.

Greetings from the owner of this blog! :) Jim Rasmussen


Why do I blog?

I blog, because i like to tell the world about what i like and what i have experienced in my life. I think that, if you know something great, or if you have experienced something great, then it's best to tell the world! :)

That's why i blog, becouse i like to share my life!


A blog (a constraction of the term "weblog"). Is a type of website, most often maintained by one individual or sometimes 2 or more. With short articles, such as commentary articles, descriptions of events, music either lyrics or mp3/wma files, photography or personal things such as a diary or a bunch of personal experiences. A blog, can allso be mixed with these different catagories. But these catagories is only the "most" common catagories. There is a lot of catagories out there :)

The most common type of blog, is the one with personal stories, mixed with links to other blogs or related websites. Plus pictures that describes each post on the blog. It's important that each post on a blog is original and interesting and therefore not just some random articles found on other sites! Many thinks, that it's hard to find new post ideas all the time, therefore they mix the catagories to get room for more content and more ideas. The comment section is also a very important thing to have on a blog! Without that , the owner of the blog won't be able to know whether his/hers content is good or not so good! :)

Most blogs are primarily textual, although some focus on art (artlog), photographs (photoblog), sketches (sketchblog), videos (vlog), music (mp3 blog), and audio (podcasting). Micro Blogging is another type of blogging, featuring very short posts.

Why is it that we blog? What do we get out from doing it?

Bloggins is a whole culture for it self and therefore something that may confuse some people. I have got a lot of friends telling me that is is a waste of time! But i don't think that it is.

You can earn money by blogging

you can get new friends by blogging

you can be yourself on your blog

You can hide your blog from your friends or parrents. So that only others read it

You can even use a blog to be smarter and learn more!

By blogging, you most likely write original content and therefore you will in time get a lot of visitors. But how is that going to make you money? Well, if you advertise on your blog, then you can earn money for every click a person makes on your ads. You can also write sponsored posts, that Publishers pay you to write about :)

You can make new friends by following other blogs and comment on their posts.

And on a blog, you can write everything that you want. even stories about your own personal sex-life, if that's what you want! You can also write about your thoughts and things like that. It can be a way of telling others what you need to get out with.

Some people may also find it helpfull, because they can hide their work/text's from the people that they konw and talk to in real life. And therefore use a blog without telling their friends about it.

As of December 2007, blog search engine Technorati was tracking more than 112 million blogs. That makes it easy to hide a blog from your friends or so :)

And if you decide to blog about things such as technologi, science, math, and all those things. News, people, evolution, or maybe even things from space. Then you will in time get smarter! :) Becouse you learn things while you tell others about it. :)

I have learned english, things about science and math, more about blogging, plus a lot about the internet and the technologi in everyday life. :)

And thats it! :D

I hope that you all liked this post, about blogging.

I know that this blogging phenomenon can be confusing and to some people feel overwhelming. That is why i have made this very short post about blogging :) To tell you what i know about it, plus what i have learned while i was blogging! :)

My mail is: if you have any questions? :)

Greetings from Jim! The owner of this blog!! :D

They judged founders of Pirate Bay have planned in minute detail how domain can be sold without having to pay a penny of the damages of 30 million Swedish crowns, they are doomed to pay.

Pirate Bay is about to sell the Pirate Bay to firm Global Gaming Factory for 60 million Swedish kroner - 44 million Danish kroner. The trade probably fall apart. But trade reveals Pirate Bay's secret structure.

The founders of Pirate Bay, Peter Sunde, Fredrik Neij and Gottfrid Svartholm has always claimed that they have nothing to do with trade. I follow them on Pirate Bay is owned by the company Reservella, registered at Seyschellerne. The founders of Pirate Bay says that they do not know who owns Reservella. Therefore, money from a sale does not go to the compensation of 30 million Swedish crowns, which the founders were sentenced by the court in Stockholm earlier this year.

But the founders have control over what Reservella need the money from trading for. It says Rasmus Fleischer, a member of PiratByrån who founded the Pirate Bay in 2003. He has devised a detailed strategy for the Pirate Bay's future with Peter Sunde, Fredrik Neij and Gottfrid Svartholm. A major plank of the strategy is to avoid the 60 million Swedish kronor from the sale of Pirate Bay is in official hands.

"We want to create a fund to use money from the sale of the Pirate Bay domain to struggle for a free and open Internet. There is Reservella is the formal owner of the Pirate Bay. Reservella But most site owners because of legal and administrative . We can guarantee that the Pirate Bay will create a fund for the money, "says Rasmus Fleischer to ComON.

But does that mean that money is not used to pay the compensation to which the founders are sentenced?

"Yes it is the whole reason why we do it this way. We have always said that Pirate Bay does not pay holders a dime," says Rasmus Fleischer.

The information, Henrik Pont from the Swedish anti-piracy bureau very interesting. Anti-piracy bureau is a subdivision of the IFPI, which is among the organizations that have benefited one million in damages.

"It is extremely interesting that Rasmus Fleischer and Pirate Bay can guarantee to you that the money from a sale of the Pirate Bay will go to a fund when the founders of Pirate Bay have always said that they have nothing to Reservella to do "says Henrik Pont to ComON.

The plan as Rasmus Fleischer has designed have been titled: The Pirate Bay is about two dissolve - The end of an era?. The plan outlines Pirate Bay backers also that Pirate Bay will use money from a sale to create the fund.

However, it is doubtful whether the sale goes ahead. Buyer GGF has been thrown out of the Swedish stock exchange AktieTorget. ComON have asked the owner of GGF Hans Pandeya for purchase are still topical.

"I have no comment," he says to Comon.

This text was translated bye google translater. And corrected by Jim Rasmussen, the owner of this blog!
If you find any wrong gramma? Then plz, mail me at:

I think that this is great news :D And that we all can lern something from this!

I personaly hope that everything will go as planned, for "the pirate bay" :D

Stop smoking!!!

Hey everyone :) I hope that you all like my blog here! :D

In this post I will tell you all about, how it feels like when you are trying to stop smoking. Maybe you can do it better then me? :P

How many times have i tried to stop?

About 10 times i think! Well, it's not the most easy thing in the world to do! I can say that!
And all the times, i started again after few days.

What is my longest periode of not smoking?

About 4 month's i think. But sadly for me, I started again!

Do i smoke now?

No, Not at the moment. I decided to stop smoking for about 16 hours ago! :) So, let's see how long I can hold on this time hehe! :D

Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, And so on

Day one

Day one is allways the most easy of them all. But before i even think about trying to stop smoking, I allways start the night before i want to stop! Becouse, that way i don't have the need to smoke in the morning the next day :) But that's just me, It might not work for you?
Day two

Here it realy get's serious! This is not as easy, as some "Anti smokers" Might think! Trust me, it's NOT easy! My tip to all of you out there trying to stop smoking, is that you start buying some gum. Just so that you have something to put in your mouth :)

Day three!!

This one is as hard as it can be! The first time i made it to day three was about a year ago. That was not nice at all! It's like losing your boyfriend. There is so many feelings, that comes out on day three. Its like eraseing all you memories for the last 5 years! Like losing the meaning of life. Your need to take a smoke, is SO! Big on day three! My advice would be not to start smoking at all!! Becouse it take so much to get out of it again!

My tip to day three is, to start listening to some of your favorite music. Not some lonly quiet song. But something with power in! Something that can make you feel alive! :) Trust me, you will thank me for this tip! It realy helps.

And so on

From day 4 and forward, it starts to get easier, from day to day the first month. Then when you hit a month, you will feel like you hit a wall, your life suddenly don't make any sense. You will start to feel just like on day three. But here you will need to combine the tip from day two and day three. And supplement it with one thing more, But i will get to that later.

Do as you allways do. Start your morning by eating breakfast, Go to work/school and do there as you allways do. But, When you wake up at the morning, then take a piece of gum. And put on your favorite song, while you get finished for work/school. You know, not some boring song! Put something great on :D Something that makes you feel alive! Then when you go to work, don't eat any gum or hear any music at all! Becouse if you do, then my last tip won't work! :)

Now, when you get home from work, Buy some candy, and rent a movie! Just sit down and get the feeling of that it realy is possible to enjoy life, without smoking! :)

From here, and the rest of your life

Now it's just up to you. Do you have what it takes to keeb up the good mood? :) You will never get rid of the feeling, that you need a smoke again! NEVER! When you first started, you will never get to live a life without the bad feeling when you don't smoke.

1. You are not cool, just becouse you smoke.
2. You a stupid if you start smoking.
3. Don't think that your mom won't find out.
4. Only losers smoke.
5. Stop NOW! Before you get too addicted
6. Don't be stupid and start to smoke, just becouse your friends do!

All These things, I did. So i'm just lame!. And you are too, if you smoke!

At the moment, i realy regret that i started, becouse i use so many money and time on nothing!

The end

Í hope you liked reading this post! :) And i hope that you could use some of my tips! :)

Greetings from Jim The owner of this blog

happiness scale

Here is something that i found in the local newspaper! :)

Take a look at this! ;) I know that the tekst is on danish, so i will now translate it for you! :D

  1. Sex gets 4,7 out of 5. The average number of hours we do this, per day. Is 0,2
  2. Social activity gets 4 out of 5. The average number of hours we do this, per day. Is 2,3
  3. Relaxing gets 3,9 out of 5. The average number of hours we do this, per day. Is 2,2
  4. Religious activity gets 3,8 out of 5. The average number of hours we do this, per day. Is 0,4
  5. Eating gets 3,8 out of 5. The average number of hours we do this, per day. Is 2,2
  6. exercise gets 3,8 out of 5. The average number of hours we do this, per day. Is 0,2
  7. Watching television gets 3,6 out of 5. The average number of hours we do this, per day. Is 2,2
  8. Shopping gets 3,2 out of 5. The average number of hours we do this, per day. Is 0,4
  9. Making dinner gets 3,2 out of 5. The average number of hours we do this, per day. Is 1,1
  10. Talking in phone gets 3,1 out of 5. The average number of hours we do this, per day. Is 2,5
  11. Taking care of my kids gets 3,0 out of 5. The average number of hours we do this, per day. Is 1,1
  12. Computer, Email and Internet gets 3,0 out of 5. The average number of hours we do this, per day. Is 1,9
  13. Work at home gets 3,0 out of 5. The average number of hours we do this, per day. Is 1,1
  14. Work gets 2,7 out of 5. The average number of hours we do this, per day. Is 6,9
  15. Transportation gets 2,6 out of 5. The average number of hours we do this, per day. Is 1,6

And what can we use these fact's to?

The average time spent by others, must be the time you need to spent at the different activities, to get that most out of them (Happiness). So these fact's can be used to help you and others, find out what they need to spend more time doing, or what they need to stop doing as much as they do.

The end

I hope that you liked my fact's about our everyday life. :) And i hope that, if you need help finding yourself in your life? That this will help you on your way.

Greeting from Jim! The owner of this blog.

What is best?


Farmtown is full of bugs! It crashes all the time and sometimes you can't save!

I have played farmtown for a while now, i'm lvl. 27. But the game is just so full of bugs, that i can't take it serious! Every once in a while, the game won't save, (The solution to this saving problem).

But if you don't mind that the game sometimes crashes, then it is realy funny and addicting.

My score

on a global scale, i give this game 6 out of 10

But if we only look at free internet games, i give it 7 out of 10

Farm Ville

I haven't found any bugs in this clone of farmtown! The game runs better in my browser and there is no problem saving my work in the game.

The game is just a clone of farmtown, but with a little more professionel coding behind i think! The graphics are different, more like a cartoon movie than farmtown. The graphics in farmtown are more simular to games like, Sim city, Rollercoaster tycoon and games like those.

So i think that Farm Ville is the best one of theese two games! :)

My score

On a global scale, I give this game 6 out og 10

And if we only look at free internet games, I give this game 8 out of 10

The end! I hope this post helped you! :)

If you have problems with Farm Town? Then play FarmVille

Did you know that the time machine is real? Watch this

This was just something i discovered last night! :)

But what if we could go back in time?
Then we could fix all of our mistakes! That would be so cool!

Making new friends

Hi all :D

I just wanted to tell all of my readers, that i'm so glad that you became a reader of my blog!

And then i want to share something with you all!

I have now been on my new school, for about 4 weeks now. And it's realy working out! I have had a depression for over 6 months, before i started there! But that has changed now. :)

A life without friends, is like not having a life! No one to talk to, no one to share things with. No friends, no life!

I hope that you all have great friends and if not? Then you can count on me! If anyone needs to talk? then just leave me a mail :) I want to make this blog a great place for my readers!

My mail is:

Human power

Did you know, that the human body only uses 20% of its power?! I found this very interesting! Imagine what we were able to do, if we were able to use all 100% of our body!

I also found out that we only uses 10% of our brain!?

But if we only uses 10 percent of our brain, and 20 percent of our strength. Then what is the last 10 and 20 % for? what if we could use those last percents to fly, teleport? Or maybe to learning things faster and thereby be 90 percent smarter!

That was my random thought of today! :)
Think about it! I find it a little creepy!

My mail is::
if you have any questions? :)

Have a nice day! Greetings from Jim! The owner of this blog

what if we all had the same favorit color?

Hi everyone :) I know that this a little late for me to make a blog post, so i'm going to make this one short :)

I just got this very strange thought into my mind. What if we all had the same favorite color, and the same favorite dish?

To someone this will probably sound strange, but what if the color red is blue to someone and green to someone else? I mean, what if we all liked the color red the most, but we just don't see it like red. Maybee someone likes the color blue becouse it to them looks like red! Do you follow me? :)

Well, my point is, that what if wee all liked the same thing. But our eyes just didn't see it the same way .

This was my random thought for today. :)
I find it realy hard to think through.
My mail is: if you have any questions? :)

Having asperger

It just happened again! I'm crying at the moment when i write this post. It's so hard to live with this asperger thing. I don't have a lot of friends, so i don't have anyone besides my parents, to talk to about this. And the only friends i have, i don't trust. I don't know what to do anymore.

I have allways known that there was something wrong with me, becouse i didn't behave like everyone else around me. I have been different from my friends ever since i was little, where i allways played with myself and not with the others. But now that i'm a grownup I can realy feel it, like never before. I can't be places where there is a lot of people, like in schools and so. At the moment i'm going at technical school in my town. But it's very difficult for me, to be in a school with lots of people, like in this one.

My down times, like this one now. Comes in periods from time to time. Some time when i just can't have more problems in my head, I just go down and start's to cry. That is also a problem to me, I can't get things out of my head. Good or bad, they just stay in my head untill there is no more space in there, then it comes out all in one big reaction. Sometimes i cry, other times i just get's angry!

Many of you out there might think, that it would be nice to have the skill to remember everything that happens or things you read. Well, its is yes! But! All the bad things dosen't disapear either. So, yes i'm realy smart in school and so, becouse i remember everything. But i'm also very sad often and scared, becouse i remember all the bad stuff that happens in my life too. Everyone remembers the things that happens in their life. But not as good as me, I can remember things like if they were written on a piece of paper. I can even remember things up to 2 or 3 months after i heard them and then use it in school. But if something bad happens to you? Then you might cry at the moment when it happens and then go on with your life. But i don't cry when something bad happens, I collect and carry bad things with me for several months, or even years. And then it all comes out a once. And when those bad things comes out, it's not nice to be me.

Imagin how you feel when you loose your girlfriend/boyfriend, how sad you are after. Multiply that with 10 or more, then you know how i feel when i go down.

I'm getting better now,becouse i write about my problem :) But still! It's so irritating to have this asperger syndrome!

The end
I just wanted to share my experience with this problem, maybe it can help someone to know that they are not alone? :)

It realy helps to write about it. But that dosen't mean that it's gone! It still comes back again in another 2 or 3 months or so :(

My mail
If you are like me and maybee have something you want to ask me or share with me? then you are more than welcome to send me a mail :)

Greetings from Jim, the owner of this blog

The trip home from school

I had just got free from technical school and was on my way down to my motorbike, I arrived on a motorbike that day. Half way down there, it suddenly started to rain! So i hurried back to my class, where some of my friends were looking for shelter from rain, just like me. It rained a lot that day!

It was the plan that i should drive Stefan down to the busstation after school that day, but at the moment it didn't sound like the best idea. Stefan stood right next to me and looked a little confused, a 4 hour train trip waited ahead of him. But how would it be to be dripping wet in a train, for 4 hours!

My teacher charlotte was still in the teachers room, correcting our school work. I said to Stefan. "Stefan, can't you just drive with Charlotte?" Stefan said. "That sounds like a good idea! I will ask her right away. "Great!" I said

But that didn't solve my part of the problem? I still had to driv the 5 miles home, in the rain. At the moment i was so angry! Realy! I hated to have to drive home on 2 wheels! But i couldn't do anything about it.

Stefan came back out from Charlottes office, saying. "Yes! Charlotte can drive me to the train." "Great!" I said. "Now you don't have to get all wet before you take the train later!" I said again.

I looked at my mobile to check the clock, it was 12:30 pm. Stefan had to take the train 12:45 pm, so I said to him that he had to hurry! Stefan shouted to Charlotte, that she had to hurry then, becouse he had to make it to the train in about 15 min.

With me and stefan, there was one more standing outside underneath the roof. I didn't know him that well, but we were talking well together! That was nice.
The rain was falling, my bike was getting more and more wet and stefan had to hurry if he should make it to the train. everything was a little strange, i thought. But i was happy, stefan was happy, and the other person standing next to us, was happy as well.

The rain didn't seem to go away soon, so I decided to drive home before it started to rain more! Charlotte was done, so they were on their way over to Charlotte's car (Charlotte and Stefan). The other person was also getting ready to go home, he was on bicycle.

"Bye, Stefan and Simon, see you tomorrow" I said. The other person was named Simon. "Bye jim!", "bye jim!" they said. "See you on monday!" they said again. "Year, see you!" I said

The trip home

I was on my way home, starting out with driving through the city near my school. It was starting to rain more and the traffic in the city was driving so slow! I decided to drive out and around the city, so that i could get home a little faster and get some dry clothes on.

On my way around the city, I started to laugh, I don't know why? I just came to me. Then i started to think.

This is realy nice! driving in the rain and so. All the others cars, was driving so fast out here on the bypass. They all just wanted to hurry getting home. 2 min ago, I was just like them! That's why i took the bypass around the city, to get home faster. But now i actually liked the rain falling, I didn't think about getting wet anymore either. Just the road ahead of me.

Driving out there in the rain was just so relaxing, just listening to when the rain hit my helmet and all the others driving around like fools! No, more like a bunch of crazy people! HAHA.

But i had to get home soon anyway, becouse i didn't want to get ill on a friday.

Ahead of me, there was a junction where i had to turn right to get home. 2 minutes later i was home, home sweet home.

The end
I hope you liked my little story? :)
It is based on real events from a random day in my life.

My mail is:
If you have any questions?

The way to use adsense!!

Hi again everyone :) In this post i will tell you some tips on how to raise you income with adsense.

Building up your traffic

Before you even think about using adsende, you need to get some readers/visitors. Why? Becouse if you use adsense advertising from the beginning, it wont catch the visitors. But if you wait, then your visitors/readers will see them, becouse they was not there from the beginning :)

Using the right colors

It is also important that you make your ads fit in your design. Everyone knows adsense ads and how they look. But if you change their colors, so that they look like content of your site, your visitors will then more likely click on them. Don't ask me why? That's just the way it is.

Don't get banned

  1. You can't use more then 3 ads on each page of your blog/website.
  2. You may not ask people to click on your ads or use graphic signs to get people to click. Like arrows, Only use the editor google provides to make your ads more clicks.
  3. Don't click on your own ads.
  4. Don't send emails with ads in.
  5. For more info, read the guidelines on adsense.

The end
Thats it. Just follow my tips and you should make more money out of adsense :)

My mail if you have any questions. :)

Greetings from the owner of this blog. Jim

look in the past "Stars"

Looking at the stars

Hi everyone, I just want to share something nice with you all out there.

Did you know, that when you look at the stars you actualy look in the past? That's right. The way the stars looks like today, Is how the stars was millions of years ago! Everytime I look at the stars at night, I often wonder what they will look like today?

But here is something else about the stars

If what you see up there now, is what happened millions of years ago. Then what about a shooting star? you know that you can wish when you see a shooting star right? but how can someone wish for something that has already happened?

What i think about this

I often wonder what the stars might look like today and if the stars i look at is even there? I like that looking at the stars, allways brings something in to my life. You never know what you might find up there. New patterns, or a star that you didn't see yesterday. Sometimes when i'm sad, I just lay down on the lawn at night and look up at the stars. It makes me feel invincible and invisible to all the problems in my everyday life. It make my problems so small, becouse the univers is so big! And compared to that, my problems is easy to throw away. when i look at the stars, I allways hear music while i do it. Listen music while looking at the stars on a peaceful weekend night, is just so nice and relaxing. You should try it yourself :)

That was my post about the stars.
May mail: :

The dark

Why is it that we are afraid of the dark? I don't get it. Well, i'm very afraid of the dark myself! But I honestly don't know why?? So in this post, i'm going to tell you why I "think" that we are afraid of the dark.

Not knowing what it is

I think that one of the reasons that we are afraid of the dark is, that we don't know what is in it. Not knowing what is right in front of you is scary for most people.

I mean, when you turn the light on, you know what is in front of you. But when you can't see anything, your mind makes something up, that could be there! Most people makes scary things up, becouse they have been told in all those "horror" movies, that there is bad things in the dark.

I allways think that there might be ghost's or something like that. becouse why shouldn't there be? If the is such a thing as ghost's and other scary and bad things, then the most common place for them to be would be in the dark. Becouse in the daylight you would see them and not be afraid of them. Well, you might be a little shocked becouse you had not seen one before, but not as shocked as if they suddenly stood right in front of you. My point is, that in the dark you get afraid of almost anything, becouse you you see them as something you can't describe. but in the daylight you can at least see what they look like, if there is any? And I think that's why we are afraid of the dark. Becouse we imagine all those scary things that we haven't seen at daylight (scary things)

Those who aren't afraid of the dark

Those who aren't afraid of the dark, is those who can control their fantasy. They can say to themselves that the dark is not any different from the light. Becouse if there was not any scary things at day light, then why should there be at night?

I can't think like this, I try, but i can't.

Are you afraid of the dark?
If you are, then i feel with you! :) it's not nice to be afraid of the dark.

Are you one of those, who aren't afraid of the dark?
If you are, then i admire you!

If you have anythig that you want to share with me about this post? Then feel free to send me a mail! :)

Can dogs read your mind??

Hello again everyone:)

I often asked myself the question "Can dogs read your mind?" And that's why i'm going to make this post about dogs and their skill to hear what you are thinking. Or to know wich mood you are in (sad or happy).

My dog

I have a dog named Berta, who is my best friend. :D

She always knows when i'm sad or happy.
When i'm sad, she comes over to me, like if she would give me a hug. And when i'm happy, she comes to play ball, or to take a walk with me. :) Like i said, she always knows what i need.

What i think of this

Can a dog really read your mind? Could that be the reason for why they are called man's best friend, because they always knows what their owner needs from them?

I really believe that dogs in some way can read our minds, or at least read our body-language. If not? Then how can they always know what we need from them?

That was my random thought for today :)
If you have any questions? Then my mail is

Playstation 3 Slim is here

A new, thinner Playstation coming in stores in September. Gamers to hang for Playstation will not look far into the future, to get new toys between hands.

PS3 has 120 gigabyte hard drive, and has otherwise the same features as the old except that Linux support has disappeared. Besides the model with 120 gigabytes, it also appears that there will be a PS3 with 250 gigabyte HD.

Giblets in the Play Station has been rebuilt from scratch, in order to be in the new and smaller packaging. The reconstruction is beyond the size, made less noise and power supply has gone from 280 watts to 250 - that is to say that Slim absorbs less power.

The price of the PS 3Slim with 120 gigabyte HD appears to be the same as the old 80 gigabyte model. So around 280 dollars. It will be released in Europe 1 September and is probably available in stores Friday 4th September.

The head of Sony Entertainment USA, Jack Tretton introduces Playstation 3 SLIM:

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