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Music (Good or bad)

Why is it, that we know when music sounds great or not? Is it because that sounds fit together like magnets. So that two minus don't fit, but plus and minus do? If so, then making music would be way too easy. Because then we could just record some minus and plus sounds and put them together, so that they fit.
I think that it's a lot more complicated that that! So what is it, that makes music sounds good?

Some people think that its because that, music consists of some uniqe frequencies that activates a part of our mind. So that we like it. If that was true, then music could mind-fuck us! And make us du things that we don't want to and may regret later.

Others say that its a coincidence that we like some songs and others not.

Some people even thinks that songs are capable talking to our souls and therefore bring forward our memories from the past (as they are storet in our soul) And if those memories is good? Then we like the song. But two people like the same songs, does that then mean they have the same past? I don't think so!

Well, its nice to have a theori about why we like some songs and others not. Infact, there is a lot of them out there! But none of them tells us, what it is that makes us like a song?
Is it the beat, the singer, the name of the song, the artist name, the genre, or is it them all combined correctly that makes us like a song. Well, if it is? Then, how do we know when it all fits? I personaly like lot's of different songs! Both rock, pop and techno. So there muso be something in all of the songs that i like, something that is the same in all songs and genres! But what is it?

Thank you for reading this! :) This was my random thought of today! :)

I hope that you liked reading this? :)

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Sleep, The way to another dimention

Here is something i have found out! :)

When you go to sleep, then you reboot yourself and start over again. But your mind does remember the things, that happend before you went to sleep (Rebooted yourself). But! You don't remember/recover your mental state!

If you for example, just went home from a party. Then most people don't feel well, They don't feel like they did just two days Ago. But if one then goes to sleep/reboot him/her self. The mental state also begins from scratch! :) So when you come home from party, vacation, or anything like that. Then just take a nap! :) And your mental state will then adapt the new enviorment!

If you do this enough, then you can actualy prevent stress and depression.

If you have stress or depression? Then try using this method to adapt to your enviroment.

Greetings from the owner of this blog! :) Jim Rasmussen


Why do I blog?

I blog, because i like to tell the world about what i like and what i have experienced in my life. I think that, if you know something great, or if you have experienced something great, then it's best to tell the world! :)

That's why i blog, becouse i like to share my life!


A blog (a constraction of the term "weblog"). Is a type of website, most often maintained by one individual or sometimes 2 or more. With short articles, such as commentary articles, descriptions of events, music either lyrics or mp3/wma files, photography or personal things such as a diary or a bunch of personal experiences. A blog, can allso be mixed with these different catagories. But these catagories is only the "most" common catagories. There is a lot of catagories out there :)

The most common type of blog, is the one with personal stories, mixed with links to other blogs or related websites. Plus pictures that describes each post on the blog. It's important that each post on a blog is original and interesting and therefore not just some random articles found on other sites! Many thinks, that it's hard to find new post ideas all the time, therefore they mix the catagories to get room for more content and more ideas. The comment section is also a very important thing to have on a blog! Without that , the owner of the blog won't be able to know whether his/hers content is good or not so good! :)

Most blogs are primarily textual, although some focus on art (artlog), photographs (photoblog), sketches (sketchblog), videos (vlog), music (mp3 blog), and audio (podcasting). Micro Blogging is another type of blogging, featuring very short posts.

Why is it that we blog? What do we get out from doing it?

Bloggins is a whole culture for it self and therefore something that may confuse some people. I have got a lot of friends telling me that is is a waste of time! But i don't think that it is.

You can earn money by blogging

you can get new friends by blogging

you can be yourself on your blog

You can hide your blog from your friends or parrents. So that only others read it

You can even use a blog to be smarter and learn more!

By blogging, you most likely write original content and therefore you will in time get a lot of visitors. But how is that going to make you money? Well, if you advertise on your blog, then you can earn money for every click a person makes on your ads. You can also write sponsored posts, that Publishers pay you to write about :)

You can make new friends by following other blogs and comment on their posts.

And on a blog, you can write everything that you want. even stories about your own personal sex-life, if that's what you want! You can also write about your thoughts and things like that. It can be a way of telling others what you need to get out with.

Some people may also find it helpfull, because they can hide their work/text's from the people that they konw and talk to in real life. And therefore use a blog without telling their friends about it.

As of December 2007, blog search engine Technorati was tracking more than 112 million blogs. That makes it easy to hide a blog from your friends or so :)

And if you decide to blog about things such as technologi, science, math, and all those things. News, people, evolution, or maybe even things from space. Then you will in time get smarter! :) Becouse you learn things while you tell others about it. :)

I have learned english, things about science and math, more about blogging, plus a lot about the internet and the technologi in everyday life. :)

And thats it! :D

I hope that you all liked this post, about blogging.

I know that this blogging phenomenon can be confusing and to some people feel overwhelming. That is why i have made this very short post about blogging :) To tell you what i know about it, plus what i have learned while i was blogging! :)

My mail is: if you have any questions? :)

Greetings from Jim! The owner of this blog!! :D

They judged founders of Pirate Bay have planned in minute detail how domain can be sold without having to pay a penny of the damages of 30 million Swedish crowns, they are doomed to pay.

Pirate Bay is about to sell the Pirate Bay to firm Global Gaming Factory for 60 million Swedish kroner - 44 million Danish kroner. The trade probably fall apart. But trade reveals Pirate Bay's secret structure.

The founders of Pirate Bay, Peter Sunde, Fredrik Neij and Gottfrid Svartholm has always claimed that they have nothing to do with trade. I follow them on Pirate Bay is owned by the company Reservella, registered at Seyschellerne. The founders of Pirate Bay says that they do not know who owns Reservella. Therefore, money from a sale does not go to the compensation of 30 million Swedish crowns, which the founders were sentenced by the court in Stockholm earlier this year.

But the founders have control over what Reservella need the money from trading for. It says Rasmus Fleischer, a member of PiratByrån who founded the Pirate Bay in 2003. He has devised a detailed strategy for the Pirate Bay's future with Peter Sunde, Fredrik Neij and Gottfrid Svartholm. A major plank of the strategy is to avoid the 60 million Swedish kronor from the sale of Pirate Bay is in official hands.

"We want to create a fund to use money from the sale of the Pirate Bay domain to struggle for a free and open Internet. There is Reservella is the formal owner of the Pirate Bay. Reservella But most site owners because of legal and administrative . We can guarantee that the Pirate Bay will create a fund for the money, "says Rasmus Fleischer to ComON.

But does that mean that money is not used to pay the compensation to which the founders are sentenced?

"Yes it is the whole reason why we do it this way. We have always said that Pirate Bay does not pay holders a dime," says Rasmus Fleischer.

The information, Henrik Pont from the Swedish anti-piracy bureau very interesting. Anti-piracy bureau is a subdivision of the IFPI, which is among the organizations that have benefited one million in damages.

"It is extremely interesting that Rasmus Fleischer and Pirate Bay can guarantee to you that the money from a sale of the Pirate Bay will go to a fund when the founders of Pirate Bay have always said that they have nothing to Reservella to do "says Henrik Pont to ComON.

The plan as Rasmus Fleischer has designed have been titled: The Pirate Bay is about two dissolve - The end of an era?. The plan outlines Pirate Bay backers also that Pirate Bay will use money from a sale to create the fund.

However, it is doubtful whether the sale goes ahead. Buyer GGF has been thrown out of the Swedish stock exchange AktieTorget. ComON have asked the owner of GGF Hans Pandeya for purchase are still topical.

"I have no comment," he says to Comon.

This text was translated bye google translater. And corrected by Jim Rasmussen, the owner of this blog!
If you find any wrong gramma? Then plz, mail me at:

I think that this is great news :D And that we all can lern something from this!

I personaly hope that everything will go as planned, for "the pirate bay" :D

Stop smoking!!!

Hey everyone :) I hope that you all like my blog here! :D

In this post I will tell you all about, how it feels like when you are trying to stop smoking. Maybe you can do it better then me? :P

How many times have i tried to stop?

About 10 times i think! Well, it's not the most easy thing in the world to do! I can say that!
And all the times, i started again after few days.

What is my longest periode of not smoking?

About 4 month's i think. But sadly for me, I started again!

Do i smoke now?

No, Not at the moment. I decided to stop smoking for about 16 hours ago! :) So, let's see how long I can hold on this time hehe! :D

Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, And so on

Day one

Day one is allways the most easy of them all. But before i even think about trying to stop smoking, I allways start the night before i want to stop! Becouse, that way i don't have the need to smoke in the morning the next day :) But that's just me, It might not work for you?
Day two

Here it realy get's serious! This is not as easy, as some "Anti smokers" Might think! Trust me, it's NOT easy! My tip to all of you out there trying to stop smoking, is that you start buying some gum. Just so that you have something to put in your mouth :)

Day three!!

This one is as hard as it can be! The first time i made it to day three was about a year ago. That was not nice at all! It's like losing your boyfriend. There is so many feelings, that comes out on day three. Its like eraseing all you memories for the last 5 years! Like losing the meaning of life. Your need to take a smoke, is SO! Big on day three! My advice would be not to start smoking at all!! Becouse it take so much to get out of it again!

My tip to day three is, to start listening to some of your favorite music. Not some lonly quiet song. But something with power in! Something that can make you feel alive! :) Trust me, you will thank me for this tip! It realy helps.

And so on

From day 4 and forward, it starts to get easier, from day to day the first month. Then when you hit a month, you will feel like you hit a wall, your life suddenly don't make any sense. You will start to feel just like on day three. But here you will need to combine the tip from day two and day three. And supplement it with one thing more, But i will get to that later.

Do as you allways do. Start your morning by eating breakfast, Go to work/school and do there as you allways do. But, When you wake up at the morning, then take a piece of gum. And put on your favorite song, while you get finished for work/school. You know, not some boring song! Put something great on :D Something that makes you feel alive! Then when you go to work, don't eat any gum or hear any music at all! Becouse if you do, then my last tip won't work! :)

Now, when you get home from work, Buy some candy, and rent a movie! Just sit down and get the feeling of that it realy is possible to enjoy life, without smoking! :)

From here, and the rest of your life

Now it's just up to you. Do you have what it takes to keeb up the good mood? :) You will never get rid of the feeling, that you need a smoke again! NEVER! When you first started, you will never get to live a life without the bad feeling when you don't smoke.

1. You are not cool, just becouse you smoke.
2. You a stupid if you start smoking.
3. Don't think that your mom won't find out.
4. Only losers smoke.
5. Stop NOW! Before you get too addicted
6. Don't be stupid and start to smoke, just becouse your friends do!

All These things, I did. So i'm just lame!. And you are too, if you smoke!

At the moment, i realy regret that i started, becouse i use so many money and time on nothing!

The end

Í hope you liked reading this post! :) And i hope that you could use some of my tips! :)

Greetings from Jim The owner of this blog

happiness scale

Here is something that i found in the local newspaper! :)

Take a look at this! ;) I know that the tekst is on danish, so i will now translate it for you! :D

  1. Sex gets 4,7 out of 5. The average number of hours we do this, per day. Is 0,2
  2. Social activity gets 4 out of 5. The average number of hours we do this, per day. Is 2,3
  3. Relaxing gets 3,9 out of 5. The average number of hours we do this, per day. Is 2,2
  4. Religious activity gets 3,8 out of 5. The average number of hours we do this, per day. Is 0,4
  5. Eating gets 3,8 out of 5. The average number of hours we do this, per day. Is 2,2
  6. exercise gets 3,8 out of 5. The average number of hours we do this, per day. Is 0,2
  7. Watching television gets 3,6 out of 5. The average number of hours we do this, per day. Is 2,2
  8. Shopping gets 3,2 out of 5. The average number of hours we do this, per day. Is 0,4
  9. Making dinner gets 3,2 out of 5. The average number of hours we do this, per day. Is 1,1
  10. Talking in phone gets 3,1 out of 5. The average number of hours we do this, per day. Is 2,5
  11. Taking care of my kids gets 3,0 out of 5. The average number of hours we do this, per day. Is 1,1
  12. Computer, Email and Internet gets 3,0 out of 5. The average number of hours we do this, per day. Is 1,9
  13. Work at home gets 3,0 out of 5. The average number of hours we do this, per day. Is 1,1
  14. Work gets 2,7 out of 5. The average number of hours we do this, per day. Is 6,9
  15. Transportation gets 2,6 out of 5. The average number of hours we do this, per day. Is 1,6

And what can we use these fact's to?

The average time spent by others, must be the time you need to spent at the different activities, to get that most out of them (Happiness). So these fact's can be used to help you and others, find out what they need to spend more time doing, or what they need to stop doing as much as they do.

The end

I hope that you liked my fact's about our everyday life. :) And i hope that, if you need help finding yourself in your life? That this will help you on your way.

Greeting from Jim! The owner of this blog.

What is best?


Farmtown is full of bugs! It crashes all the time and sometimes you can't save!

I have played farmtown for a while now, i'm lvl. 27. But the game is just so full of bugs, that i can't take it serious! Every once in a while, the game won't save, (The solution to this saving problem).

But if you don't mind that the game sometimes crashes, then it is realy funny and addicting.

My score

on a global scale, i give this game 6 out of 10

But if we only look at free internet games, i give it 7 out of 10

Farm Ville

I haven't found any bugs in this clone of farmtown! The game runs better in my browser and there is no problem saving my work in the game.

The game is just a clone of farmtown, but with a little more professionel coding behind i think! The graphics are different, more like a cartoon movie than farmtown. The graphics in farmtown are more simular to games like, Sim city, Rollercoaster tycoon and games like those.

So i think that Farm Ville is the best one of theese two games! :)

My score

On a global scale, I give this game 6 out og 10

And if we only look at free internet games, I give this game 8 out of 10

The end! I hope this post helped you! :)

If you have problems with Farm Town? Then play FarmVille

Did you know that the time machine is real? Watch this

This was just something i discovered last night! :)

But what if we could go back in time?
Then we could fix all of our mistakes! That would be so cool!

Making new friends

Hi all :D

I just wanted to tell all of my readers, that i'm so glad that you became a reader of my blog!

And then i want to share something with you all!

I have now been on my new school, for about 4 weeks now. And it's realy working out! I have had a depression for over 6 months, before i started there! But that has changed now. :)

A life without friends, is like not having a life! No one to talk to, no one to share things with. No friends, no life!

I hope that you all have great friends and if not? Then you can count on me! If anyone needs to talk? then just leave me a mail :) I want to make this blog a great place for my readers!

My mail is:

Human power

Did you know, that the human body only uses 20% of its power?! I found this very interesting! Imagine what we were able to do, if we were able to use all 100% of our body!

I also found out that we only uses 10% of our brain!?

But if we only uses 10 percent of our brain, and 20 percent of our strength. Then what is the last 10 and 20 % for? what if we could use those last percents to fly, teleport? Or maybe to learning things faster and thereby be 90 percent smarter!

That was my random thought of today! :)
Think about it! I find it a little creepy!

My mail is::
if you have any questions? :)

Have a nice day! Greetings from Jim! The owner of this blog

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