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I know that my english is not that good. But I do my best! :)

what if we all had the same favorit color?

Hi everyone :) I know that this a little late for me to make a blog post, so i'm going to make this one short :)

I just got this very strange thought into my mind. What if we all had the same favorite color, and the same favorite dish?

To someone this will probably sound strange, but what if the color red is blue to someone and green to someone else? I mean, what if we all liked the color red the most, but we just don't see it like red. Maybee someone likes the color blue becouse it to them looks like red! Do you follow me? :)

Well, my point is, that what if wee all liked the same thing. But our eyes just didn't see it the same way .

This was my random thought for today. :)
I find it realy hard to think through.
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Having asperger

It just happened again! I'm crying at the moment when i write this post. It's so hard to live with this asperger thing. I don't have a lot of friends, so i don't have anyone besides my parents, to talk to about this. And the only friends i have, i don't trust. I don't know what to do anymore.

I have allways known that there was something wrong with me, becouse i didn't behave like everyone else around me. I have been different from my friends ever since i was little, where i allways played with myself and not with the others. But now that i'm a grownup I can realy feel it, like never before. I can't be places where there is a lot of people, like in schools and so. At the moment i'm going at technical school in my town. But it's very difficult for me, to be in a school with lots of people, like in this one.

My down times, like this one now. Comes in periods from time to time. Some time when i just can't have more problems in my head, I just go down and start's to cry. That is also a problem to me, I can't get things out of my head. Good or bad, they just stay in my head untill there is no more space in there, then it comes out all in one big reaction. Sometimes i cry, other times i just get's angry!

Many of you out there might think, that it would be nice to have the skill to remember everything that happens or things you read. Well, its is yes! But! All the bad things dosen't disapear either. So, yes i'm realy smart in school and so, becouse i remember everything. But i'm also very sad often and scared, becouse i remember all the bad stuff that happens in my life too. Everyone remembers the things that happens in their life. But not as good as me, I can remember things like if they were written on a piece of paper. I can even remember things up to 2 or 3 months after i heard them and then use it in school. But if something bad happens to you? Then you might cry at the moment when it happens and then go on with your life. But i don't cry when something bad happens, I collect and carry bad things with me for several months, or even years. And then it all comes out a once. And when those bad things comes out, it's not nice to be me.

Imagin how you feel when you loose your girlfriend/boyfriend, how sad you are after. Multiply that with 10 or more, then you know how i feel when i go down.

I'm getting better now,becouse i write about my problem :) But still! It's so irritating to have this asperger syndrome!

The end
I just wanted to share my experience with this problem, maybe it can help someone to know that they are not alone? :)

It realy helps to write about it. But that dosen't mean that it's gone! It still comes back again in another 2 or 3 months or so :(

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Greetings from Jim, the owner of this blog

The trip home from school

I had just got free from technical school and was on my way down to my motorbike, I arrived on a motorbike that day. Half way down there, it suddenly started to rain! So i hurried back to my class, where some of my friends were looking for shelter from rain, just like me. It rained a lot that day!

It was the plan that i should drive Stefan down to the busstation after school that day, but at the moment it didn't sound like the best idea. Stefan stood right next to me and looked a little confused, a 4 hour train trip waited ahead of him. But how would it be to be dripping wet in a train, for 4 hours!

My teacher charlotte was still in the teachers room, correcting our school work. I said to Stefan. "Stefan, can't you just drive with Charlotte?" Stefan said. "That sounds like a good idea! I will ask her right away. "Great!" I said

But that didn't solve my part of the problem? I still had to driv the 5 miles home, in the rain. At the moment i was so angry! Realy! I hated to have to drive home on 2 wheels! But i couldn't do anything about it.

Stefan came back out from Charlottes office, saying. "Yes! Charlotte can drive me to the train." "Great!" I said. "Now you don't have to get all wet before you take the train later!" I said again.

I looked at my mobile to check the clock, it was 12:30 pm. Stefan had to take the train 12:45 pm, so I said to him that he had to hurry! Stefan shouted to Charlotte, that she had to hurry then, becouse he had to make it to the train in about 15 min.

With me and stefan, there was one more standing outside underneath the roof. I didn't know him that well, but we were talking well together! That was nice.
The rain was falling, my bike was getting more and more wet and stefan had to hurry if he should make it to the train. everything was a little strange, i thought. But i was happy, stefan was happy, and the other person standing next to us, was happy as well.

The rain didn't seem to go away soon, so I decided to drive home before it started to rain more! Charlotte was done, so they were on their way over to Charlotte's car (Charlotte and Stefan). The other person was also getting ready to go home, he was on bicycle.

"Bye, Stefan and Simon, see you tomorrow" I said. The other person was named Simon. "Bye jim!", "bye jim!" they said. "See you on monday!" they said again. "Year, see you!" I said

The trip home

I was on my way home, starting out with driving through the city near my school. It was starting to rain more and the traffic in the city was driving so slow! I decided to drive out and around the city, so that i could get home a little faster and get some dry clothes on.

On my way around the city, I started to laugh, I don't know why? I just came to me. Then i started to think.

This is realy nice! driving in the rain and so. All the others cars, was driving so fast out here on the bypass. They all just wanted to hurry getting home. 2 min ago, I was just like them! That's why i took the bypass around the city, to get home faster. But now i actually liked the rain falling, I didn't think about getting wet anymore either. Just the road ahead of me.

Driving out there in the rain was just so relaxing, just listening to when the rain hit my helmet and all the others driving around like fools! No, more like a bunch of crazy people! HAHA.

But i had to get home soon anyway, becouse i didn't want to get ill on a friday.

Ahead of me, there was a junction where i had to turn right to get home. 2 minutes later i was home, home sweet home.

The end
I hope you liked my little story? :)
It is based on real events from a random day in my life.

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The way to use adsense!!

Hi again everyone :) In this post i will tell you some tips on how to raise you income with adsense.

Building up your traffic

Before you even think about using adsende, you need to get some readers/visitors. Why? Becouse if you use adsense advertising from the beginning, it wont catch the visitors. But if you wait, then your visitors/readers will see them, becouse they was not there from the beginning :)

Using the right colors

It is also important that you make your ads fit in your design. Everyone knows adsense ads and how they look. But if you change their colors, so that they look like content of your site, your visitors will then more likely click on them. Don't ask me why? That's just the way it is.

Don't get banned

  1. You can't use more then 3 ads on each page of your blog/website.
  2. You may not ask people to click on your ads or use graphic signs to get people to click. Like arrows, Only use the editor google provides to make your ads more clicks.
  3. Don't click on your own ads.
  4. Don't send emails with ads in.
  5. For more info, read the guidelines on adsense.

The end
Thats it. Just follow my tips and you should make more money out of adsense :)

My mail if you have any questions. :)

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look in the past "Stars"

Looking at the stars

Hi everyone, I just want to share something nice with you all out there.

Did you know, that when you look at the stars you actualy look in the past? That's right. The way the stars looks like today, Is how the stars was millions of years ago! Everytime I look at the stars at night, I often wonder what they will look like today?

But here is something else about the stars

If what you see up there now, is what happened millions of years ago. Then what about a shooting star? you know that you can wish when you see a shooting star right? but how can someone wish for something that has already happened?

What i think about this

I often wonder what the stars might look like today and if the stars i look at is even there? I like that looking at the stars, allways brings something in to my life. You never know what you might find up there. New patterns, or a star that you didn't see yesterday. Sometimes when i'm sad, I just lay down on the lawn at night and look up at the stars. It makes me feel invincible and invisible to all the problems in my everyday life. It make my problems so small, becouse the univers is so big! And compared to that, my problems is easy to throw away. when i look at the stars, I allways hear music while i do it. Listen music while looking at the stars on a peaceful weekend night, is just so nice and relaxing. You should try it yourself :)

That was my post about the stars.
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The dark

Why is it that we are afraid of the dark? I don't get it. Well, i'm very afraid of the dark myself! But I honestly don't know why?? So in this post, i'm going to tell you why I "think" that we are afraid of the dark.

Not knowing what it is

I think that one of the reasons that we are afraid of the dark is, that we don't know what is in it. Not knowing what is right in front of you is scary for most people.

I mean, when you turn the light on, you know what is in front of you. But when you can't see anything, your mind makes something up, that could be there! Most people makes scary things up, becouse they have been told in all those "horror" movies, that there is bad things in the dark.

I allways think that there might be ghost's or something like that. becouse why shouldn't there be? If the is such a thing as ghost's and other scary and bad things, then the most common place for them to be would be in the dark. Becouse in the daylight you would see them and not be afraid of them. Well, you might be a little shocked becouse you had not seen one before, but not as shocked as if they suddenly stood right in front of you. My point is, that in the dark you get afraid of almost anything, becouse you you see them as something you can't describe. but in the daylight you can at least see what they look like, if there is any? And I think that's why we are afraid of the dark. Becouse we imagine all those scary things that we haven't seen at daylight (scary things)

Those who aren't afraid of the dark

Those who aren't afraid of the dark, is those who can control their fantasy. They can say to themselves that the dark is not any different from the light. Becouse if there was not any scary things at day light, then why should there be at night?

I can't think like this, I try, but i can't.

Are you afraid of the dark?
If you are, then i feel with you! :) it's not nice to be afraid of the dark.

Are you one of those, who aren't afraid of the dark?
If you are, then i admire you!

If you have anythig that you want to share with me about this post? Then feel free to send me a mail! :)

Can dogs read your mind??

Hello again everyone:)

I often asked myself the question "Can dogs read your mind?" And that's why i'm going to make this post about dogs and their skill to hear what you are thinking. Or to know wich mood you are in (sad or happy).

My dog

I have a dog named Berta, who is my best friend. :D

She always knows when i'm sad or happy.
When i'm sad, she comes over to me, like if she would give me a hug. And when i'm happy, she comes to play ball, or to take a walk with me. :) Like i said, she always knows what i need.

What i think of this

Can a dog really read your mind? Could that be the reason for why they are called man's best friend, because they always knows what their owner needs from them?

I really believe that dogs in some way can read our minds, or at least read our body-language. If not? Then how can they always know what we need from them?

That was my random thought for today :)
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Playstation 3 Slim is here

A new, thinner Playstation coming in stores in September. Gamers to hang for Playstation will not look far into the future, to get new toys between hands.

PS3 has 120 gigabyte hard drive, and has otherwise the same features as the old except that Linux support has disappeared. Besides the model with 120 gigabytes, it also appears that there will be a PS3 with 250 gigabyte HD.

Giblets in the Play Station has been rebuilt from scratch, in order to be in the new and smaller packaging. The reconstruction is beyond the size, made less noise and power supply has gone from 280 watts to 250 - that is to say that Slim absorbs less power.

The price of the PS 3Slim with 120 gigabyte HD appears to be the same as the old 80 gigabyte model. So around 280 dollars. It will be released in Europe 1 September and is probably available in stores Friday 4th September.

The head of Sony Entertainment USA, Jack Tretton introduces Playstation 3 SLIM:

cola and me

Cola! I can't live without it.

When i'm sad, i drink cola.

When i'm tired, i drink cola.

When i need an extra burst of energy, i drink cola.

This post is all about me and cola, becouse i love it so much. I don't know how many of you out there, that have it like me? A lot I think :)

The taste is so wonderfull, 100% perfect! I never get tired of the taste of cola.

Don't drink cola light! It taste's like shit compared to the orignal cola.

You might also know that the only cola out there that is worth buying, is "Coca Cola" not all those cheap ones, like "River Cola" "Jolly Cola" "Pepsi Cola". You might like them? But i don't!

The shape

Did you know that Coca Cola has formed their bottle like the body of a naked women! Well i'm not going to upload a picture of a naked women here, but try finding one yourself :P Then compare it to the shape of a cola,


Before Coca cole got famous. Santa claus was in a green outfit. But now after Coca Cola got known by almost everyone, santa is red. That's right! Coca Cola is the reason to santa's outfit today.

The end
This was my story about cola and what cola is to me.

Now again!

Hi all. :)

You might find this post a little strange, But you might also find it very funny. :D

Now again

This post is about how annoying it is, when i'm in the middle of something always have to go to the bathroom! It's so annoying, because it always destroys my concentration.

Am I really the only one who has it like this?? :P

Well I hope not! Because I would really like to hear what others (you) think about it.

I know that there is no solution for this BIG! Problem, but what if there were?? Would you then use it? What if you could decide when you wanted to go to the bathroom! And therefore not when you were in the middle of something importent.

If it was possible, then i would use it a lot :D

Well this was my random thought of the day :D now i have to go to the bathroom!!

Building your very own laser

Hi all. :) I hope you had a nice weekend? :)

In this post I want to show you how i built my very own powerfull laser, from a DVD burner drive. Its very simple and it is very powerfull. But I have to warn you about doing this yourself, if you don't know how to protect yourself and others. This is not a toy.

But with that said i think we can begin building our own laser.

I found this video on youtube that explains it all :)

I hope you enjoyed watching this little video? :) I did!!

But before you leave, I want you to know that is is actually working! so be careful.

If you have any questions? then my mail is as allways:

Your blog name

Hi everyone :) In this post I want to give you some very good tips, about chosing the right name for your blog.

Getting a unique name

Getting a unique name can be difficult, and take a lot of time. But, it is realy worth the waiting :)

As you know, the best thing for a blogger, is to get known on google and have high rankings on the big search engines. But before you can get high ranking on search engines like google, you need to give them something they don't have already.

Therefore your blog name must be original and short. And that's it.

How to find a unique name

There is a lot of programs out there, But let them stay there. We don't need all that crap!

The only thing you need to find out all that, is google. Lets take a name like "my blog" if make a search on that name you get 778.000.000 results, that is a lot! And therefore that is not a name to use. If you then make a search on "Another my blog" The google only find 217.000.000 results. I know, that's also a lot! But now try to paste this into google. "Another my blog" and remember to use these " " when you search. now you should get 7900 results. And that means that the name is not very popular on google. and therefore a good choise for you.

My blog don't show in google under this new name?

First of all, don't use the example above. Next, this is not something that will happen overnight.

You realy need to give it some time to work, but in the meantime you can built up your network of backlinks! without backlinks (Other blogs or websites that link to your blog) you won't get ranked on google at all! Even if you have 50 or 100 visitors a day, you still won't get any rank from google. becouse google only finds one link that goes to your site/blog and that is your own url:.

One ting is getting a good name for your blog, another thing is to actually publish your new name.

Try using some link exchange, leave your link everywhere. On comments, reviews, forums, EVERYWHERE!!

Make your blog name relevant

It is very importent that your name fits your blog, don't use a name just becouse it sounds cool.

When someone search on a given name on google, they expect to get relevant results. Therefore, if you name your blog "Gamers blog" then peaple will expect that your content is about gaming, becouse they searched for gaming related content. If you then have a blog about music, people will then just open the site, then leave and never come back. But if you had just given your blog a name that indicates that the content is about music, people would maybe find it interesting and com back, or maybe tell others about it.

And then plz don't submit your blog to a traffic exchange. You won't get anything out of it, other than visitors visiting for credits and not becouse they like your blog.

And thats it
I hope you found this post informative :)
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Dolphin olympichs

Dolphin olympics is a very funny pc-game, i discovered it yesterday when i was surfing around on the net :)

If you don't know it already? then i can tell you that it's all about getting your pingvin to make as many tricks as possible.

My record is 10.000.000 points. Can you beat me? :)

Finding your lucky item

Finding your lucky item can be difficult, because one's lucky thing must be something very special. and not just something you just found at the wayside! And you can't buy your lucky item either, that's just the way it is.

How i found my lucky item

My lucky item is a bracelet, one I made myself. My life has always been full of bad things and my luck have never helped me. I have been bullied at school, lost my things and have never been able to complete something big! until now.

For about 5 months ago I decided to find my lucky item. and it had to be something that i could allways have on me. I started out by reading a lot of text about lucky items. I found out that is could be hard to find my lucky item and that it has to be something special, something so special, that i wound not be able to live without it. And not just a computer, television or something like that. Just something small, but yet so special that I could not live without it, once i found it.

after 2 months i finaly found something that meant something to me, something i found special to myself. an appendage for my necklace. A necklace that i bought by the local goldsmith.

i was with my family on a small vacation trip to a Viking museum, where they had all these nice appendages for my necklace and i found one that looked like "Thors hammer" so i bought it.

One week later

I didn't feel any better, after i bought this lucky item. so i was reading some more texts about this stuff. And then i found out that "One can't buy a lucky item! and if one do so and use it for the purpose of being a luckey item, the item will turn the back on you and hurt you. The item will be like a portal right to the evil in your life!" This could just be some bullshit? But once I read this, I got scared. But i also read that, one can disable the item by putting it inside a fire and then take it out the next day. So i did that and started a new journey to find my lucky item.

I now know that a lucky item can't be bought and that it has to be so special that once you find it you can't live without it. I also found out that it is possible to have it in a gift from someone related to you or a friend/girlfriend.

When i found my lucky item

It took me a while before i found my lucky item. But now i have it, my bracelet.

I have had it for a little over a month now and it realy helps me! :) If you have it like i had it? I mean like everything just seems to go wrong! And no matter what you do, it still goes wrong! Then i can recommend something like this to you :) And now you know my part of the story, so that you don't make the same mistake i did :)

The end.

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What is 3D Studio Max

Hi everyone :) This post is about 3Ds-Max.

The program is a 3D program, used to model characters, animate movies and to make high detailed 3D opjects! I want to write about this program, becouse i like to use it myself. :)

Making simple 3D opjects

If you have a good imagination, it should be easy to make some awesome 3D objects. But lerning to use the program can be a little harder, becouse it is so big! And I mean very big! You can almost make everything between heaven and earth in this program.

I have used the program for about 2 years now, and I begin to like it more and more, Becouse I keeb finding new features that I didn't know before. That's the beauty about this program, one can allways find new ways to make things easyer, or new features to make things more detailed!

Making advanced 3D objects

As I mentioned before, the program has a lot of built in features that makes it easyer to make detailed 3D objects. And therefore the program is good for both simple tasks and advanced tasks.

Animating a movie in 3Ds-Max

Animating movies in 3Ds-Max is also reasonably easy. Ofcourse, if you want to make some high detailed and complex movies like "Wall E" or things like that, you will need to get some practise from tutorials on the net. I have made some small animations and some simple 3D pictures that I will show you later in the post :)


If you find yourself lost in this very big and complex program, then you can allways find some helpfull tutorials on the net.

This program is also very popular and has therefore also a lot of users! Wich makes it easy to find someone better than yourself to ask for help :) I do that myself :D

Things i have made in 3ds max

An axe, standing on a reflecting floor and a reflecting wall.

The same one as above, but with some diferent texture on the shaft.

A black star, made of reflecting material.

Two rims in a reflecting box. theese rims are made of the same material as the star, just with a little more light texture (Gray).

These are the same as the ones above, Just with another texture and some more shadows. The light is also turned down a little, to make the blue color more smooth and nice.

It took me 2 days to make this one! And i have used a lot of diffrent modifiers on this one, so i won't go in details with textures and stuff like that here :)

The videos will be uploaded later :) but i hope that you enjoied this? :)

The end
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Is classical games best?

Hi everyone out there, this post is about classical games. Becouse I think that todays games, is all about the graphic? Where is the good gameplay? If you look at a game like "Donkey Kong" as a classical game and then a game like crysis as a modern game.

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong is a very nice game, becouse the gameplay makes it very hard to complete the game without practise. And allmost any computer can run it!


Everyone with just a little experience in shooting games can complete this game. It's just a matter of time. The graphic is soo high that not even the top computers can run it on high without getting problems when the game starts to get just a little complex. The only reason that I havent completed it yet, is that it gets boring! To start with it's very fun, becouse of all the details and all that. The story behind the game is also very nice. But somehow it's just too easy.

I don't know if you can follow me? I just think that computer games today is boring and too easy to complete. It's all about having best graphic. and not the gameplay.


Most classical games don't have the possibility to be played online or on lan (Local Area Network)

That's the only nice thing about modern games. The LAN option. Crysis on LAN is a whole other thing than in singleplayer! It gets way more exiting, becouse you play against real people and not just some predictable bot's. Bot's are just virtual players, programmed to follow way points. And way points is a programmed route the bot is moving at.


Is it just me? Or is classical games just better than modern games? :)

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Farm Town, Saving, Cheat, Bug

Farm Town crashes when i save.

I lost the connection in farmtown in the middle of a job

Farm town crashes.

Need help with farm town.

Why does farm town crash when i save?

Why does farmtown keeb saving?

How do i cheat in farmtown?

How do i fix the saving problem in farmtown?

My farmtown won't stop saving.

Can you get me some farmtown cheats?

Where can i find some farmtown cheats?

I hear it all the time! And finaly i have found a solution to the problem :)

I have allso found a bug that lets you cheat! :)

Many of you out there probably know the website facebook! And you might allso know their game "Farm Town" :) Well I do and I play it very often! And I just found this beautyfull bug in the game, that lets you cheat!

You know that the game is all about building your own farm right? And that you can harvest others fields right? And how annoying it is when somone hires more than one to harvest their fields. Well i have a solution for that! I have found a bug that ltes you harvest all the fields, without having to hurry before the others harvest them! Year thats right! You get it all for yourself!

And you might allso know how annoying it is, when the game try's to save in the middle of a jop and you loose the connection becouse the game could not save! It happens all the time!

In this post i'm going to show you the solution for both problems! So hang on :)

The cheat bug

I have posted the picture above, just to make this more simple to understand. As you can see on the right corner at the top of the image. I have made an arrow and a circle, this is the button that we will use to provoke the bug.

Now go to the market and ask for a jop. Then before you start to harvest, click the button i showed you on picture 1

Now the system will ask you if you want to disconect from the mainframe and go to offline mode. Click yes to that. like at the picture bellowNow all you need to do is to harvest all the fields. And as you can see, the other players just stands still! that does not mean that they can't harvest. You just can't see it, becouse you play in offline mode. :) And then when you are done, just click on the same button again and enter online mode and the save the game :) By doing this you can harvest all the fields without having to hurry before the other players take it all :D

In the picture bellow you can see how to save

And here is my solution to the saving problem.

When the server try's to save, then just click on the save button and after that click okay on the pop up that comes.
Now just cuntinue harvesting :)

The end
I hope that you found thin post helpfull!
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Very funny thought

Hey again :) I just want to share something very funny with my readers. You realy need to try this one yourself. :D

earlier today i was down at at local supermarket, where this very funny thought just hit me.

I had to get some ketchup fo my dinner. The ketchup stood on a shelf with free space on both sides, in an open box. So i just used some very basic math to figure out a way to make all the bottles with ketchup fall down, when a customer takes one of them. Ofcourse they were all made of plastic, so that they didn't break when they fall down.

I made it work, and as planned all the bottles with ketchup fell down, when the next costumer took one of them! And i just couldn't stop laughing! It was so funny :D

And here is how i did it:

As you can see, i have made a little drawing in paint. Just to show you my Princip.

The red boxes is the ketchup bottles, And the light gray box is the box where the ketchup stood in. And the dark gray box is the wall it all stood on.

Now. As the arrows shows you, When somone takes the bottle that stands alone, the other 2 falls down!

Plz try this at your local store :D it's very funny to see the person's reaction!

The end
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I hope that you liked it :)?

Here is somthing that I want to share with the world of bloggers! The 10-finger system.

First of all, being a blogger requires a lot of writing skills. But for all the beginners out there, like me. I want to share how I made my life easyer as a blogger. To begin with I only made one blog post a week! but now I allmost make one or 2 posts every day!

The thing I want to share with all of you, is the 10-finger system. You might already have heard about it? I have allways known that is was there, but never learned to use it.

I will now tell you about this awsome program i just found on the internet :) it's verry cool becouse you actualy lern the 10-finger system while having fun at the same time! I don't know if you know the game called DX-Ball? But if you do, then this is allmost the same.

You can download the game here: Download

But before you start making history on you blog :D I just want to share one thing more :)

These are the places where you shuld hold your fingers to start with. I start saying them from my left to my right. So we start with the letter "A" Place your little finger on the letter "A". And then continue with your ring finger on the letter "S". Now continue with the letter "D" and "F". and at last, place your thomp on the space-bar. Now do the same with your right hand. Put your right thomp on the space-bar, your right little-finger on the ";" and your right ring-finger on the "L". Now it should be queit obvious where to put the remaning fingers

I realy hope that you found this post helpfull ! :)

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How the rain affects me

Here is something that i want to share with my readers. I don't know if i'm the only one that can agree to what i'm about to write? But i don't think i am :)

My thing about rain

It makes me happy when it rains outside, there is nothing i like more than a rainy day. When there is a lightning or two it's even better. When i was young, i just sat in my bed reading or drawing. I also like to watch a movie when it rains outside :D

Am i really the only one that have it that way?

The end

Thanks for reading this verry short post :)
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Now i'm going to tell you how i promoted my blog and what services i use to promote my blog with. I am also going to give you a rewiew of the services i use to promote with :)

But! First of all you should know, that promoting your blog takes time and a lot of willpower. If you think that promoting a blog and get traffic to your blog is somthing that will happen overnight, then your at the wrong place. Becouse my first and only rule to suceed, is patience. You need to be patient in order to suceed.

But with that said, i think we can continue.

Original content

It is first of all very importent that you have a blog with original content. Because google, yahoo and other search engines don't rank "copy and paste content" as high as original content. Why? Well, it's becouse that original content don't already exist on the internet. and copy paste do. therefore google, yahoo and other big search engines don't index you.

No original content, no pagerank! That's it.

Get somone to review your blog

In order to keeb your blog updated and user friendly, you need to know what others think of your blog.

There are many sites out there that can give you reviews of your blog, but i only know one of them. And the reason for that is that i only need one. If you (like others) becomes a member of 10 or more sites, Chances are that google will index your site as spam. or index your reviews higher than your blog. You allways have to remember, that the most importent thing is your blog and it's content! And not the other sites.
is the website i use to get reviews of my blog. They are really good at it. They have 1000's of members that just is waiting to give your blog good reviews and real visits!

They can give you 20-40 visits to your blog plus 4-6 reviews of your blog in just one day! I have used this site for over 2 months now and i am verry happy to be a member. Just keep in mind that you have to visit other sites and review other sited, inorder to get visits and reviews.


It's also a good thing to be a member of a forum. Because you can promote your blog there by posting your url at the bottom of every post you make. But remember to read the rules of the forum. Not all of them allow you to post links.

Social blog comunity.

I am member of two social blog communities.

These are verry good, becouse they allow you to talk to other bloggers. and exchange knowledge and ideas. :) is a social blog comunity, where you can get payd to post post's for others. Verry nice if you want to ern money from your blog. But don't use it too much. Allways have more of your own content, than sponsored content! You might loose a lot of readers if you only post sponsored posts. is allso verry nice. They give you the possibility to join groups, exchange ideas, talk to other bloggers, promote your blog, and even be friend with other bloggers.


I only write original content
And i use to get reviews. to ern money from my blog. to connect with other bloggers.
And forums to promote my blog.
And here is 2 more things that i didn't mention before. You can use google adsense to ern money from your blog too. And you can also visit others blog and leave comments and leave your url at the bottom of the comment.

What is an url: It's your blog's webadress, like

And thats it

I hope you found this helpfull? :) And as you know, my mail

Robots like humans

Yes it's true! I just heard it on the radio. In the future we might see robots walk around, looking just like humans. In the future, one can even merry a robot.

But why would anyone merry a robot?

I think that the reason for this is, that we find this new subject exciting. I mean, merry a robot? If that came out just 10 years ago, peaple would think that the researchers were insane.

But today everyone (allmost everyone), have a computer! Without a computer your life would be empty. Today every firm or store have a computer to keeb track of there sales and stuff like that, or to help employes serve their customers faster and better. Allmost every company have a homepage today and many of us have a personal blog of website like this one.

So imagine how smart a robot would be if their "Brain" had a direct connection to the internet, they would be able to read all the stuf on the internet and then use it in praksis or at work. Imagine how hard it would be to win a discussion, if the robot knew everything!

I'm afraid that we someday will build somthing so smart and strong, that it would take over our world! I allso think that's why we want to imagine a robot as a friendly robot that we can merry and not a terminator robot

Think about it. We fire people all the time, just becouse we have invented robots that can do the work. what if someday the robot's fired us. Just becouse they don't need us anymore, like we do now when we don't need workers anymore?

This was my randon thougt for today :) But think about it! i find it scarry! :(

As allways my mail if you have any questions? :)

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