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The trip home from school

I had just got free from technical school and was on my way down to my motorbike, I arrived on a motorbike that day. Half way down there, it suddenly started to rain! So i hurried back to my class, where some of my friends were looking for shelter from rain, just like me. It rained a lot that day!

It was the plan that i should drive Stefan down to the busstation after school that day, but at the moment it didn't sound like the best idea. Stefan stood right next to me and looked a little confused, a 4 hour train trip waited ahead of him. But how would it be to be dripping wet in a train, for 4 hours!

My teacher charlotte was still in the teachers room, correcting our school work. I said to Stefan. "Stefan, can't you just drive with Charlotte?" Stefan said. "That sounds like a good idea! I will ask her right away. "Great!" I said

But that didn't solve my part of the problem? I still had to driv the 5 miles home, in the rain. At the moment i was so angry! Realy! I hated to have to drive home on 2 wheels! But i couldn't do anything about it.

Stefan came back out from Charlottes office, saying. "Yes! Charlotte can drive me to the train." "Great!" I said. "Now you don't have to get all wet before you take the train later!" I said again.

I looked at my mobile to check the clock, it was 12:30 pm. Stefan had to take the train 12:45 pm, so I said to him that he had to hurry! Stefan shouted to Charlotte, that she had to hurry then, becouse he had to make it to the train in about 15 min.

With me and stefan, there was one more standing outside underneath the roof. I didn't know him that well, but we were talking well together! That was nice.
The rain was falling, my bike was getting more and more wet and stefan had to hurry if he should make it to the train. everything was a little strange, i thought. But i was happy, stefan was happy, and the other person standing next to us, was happy as well.

The rain didn't seem to go away soon, so I decided to drive home before it started to rain more! Charlotte was done, so they were on their way over to Charlotte's car (Charlotte and Stefan). The other person was also getting ready to go home, he was on bicycle.

"Bye, Stefan and Simon, see you tomorrow" I said. The other person was named Simon. "Bye jim!", "bye jim!" they said. "See you on monday!" they said again. "Year, see you!" I said

The trip home

I was on my way home, starting out with driving through the city near my school. It was starting to rain more and the traffic in the city was driving so slow! I decided to drive out and around the city, so that i could get home a little faster and get some dry clothes on.

On my way around the city, I started to laugh, I don't know why? I just came to me. Then i started to think.

This is realy nice! driving in the rain and so. All the others cars, was driving so fast out here on the bypass. They all just wanted to hurry getting home. 2 min ago, I was just like them! That's why i took the bypass around the city, to get home faster. But now i actually liked the rain falling, I didn't think about getting wet anymore either. Just the road ahead of me.

Driving out there in the rain was just so relaxing, just listening to when the rain hit my helmet and all the others driving around like fools! No, more like a bunch of crazy people! HAHA.

But i had to get home soon anyway, becouse i didn't want to get ill on a friday.

Ahead of me, there was a junction where i had to turn right to get home. 2 minutes later i was home, home sweet home.

The end
I hope you liked my little story? :)
It is based on real events from a random day in my life.

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