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The dark

Why is it that we are afraid of the dark? I don't get it. Well, i'm very afraid of the dark myself! But I honestly don't know why?? So in this post, i'm going to tell you why I "think" that we are afraid of the dark.

Not knowing what it is

I think that one of the reasons that we are afraid of the dark is, that we don't know what is in it. Not knowing what is right in front of you is scary for most people.

I mean, when you turn the light on, you know what is in front of you. But when you can't see anything, your mind makes something up, that could be there! Most people makes scary things up, becouse they have been told in all those "horror" movies, that there is bad things in the dark.

I allways think that there might be ghost's or something like that. becouse why shouldn't there be? If the is such a thing as ghost's and other scary and bad things, then the most common place for them to be would be in the dark. Becouse in the daylight you would see them and not be afraid of them. Well, you might be a little shocked becouse you had not seen one before, but not as shocked as if they suddenly stood right in front of you. My point is, that in the dark you get afraid of almost anything, becouse you you see them as something you can't describe. but in the daylight you can at least see what they look like, if there is any? And I think that's why we are afraid of the dark. Becouse we imagine all those scary things that we haven't seen at daylight (scary things)

Those who aren't afraid of the dark

Those who aren't afraid of the dark, is those who can control their fantasy. They can say to themselves that the dark is not any different from the light. Becouse if there was not any scary things at day light, then why should there be at night?

I can't think like this, I try, but i can't.

Are you afraid of the dark?
If you are, then i feel with you! :) it's not nice to be afraid of the dark.

Are you one of those, who aren't afraid of the dark?
If you are, then i admire you!

If you have anythig that you want to share with me about this post? Then feel free to send me a mail! :)

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