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Finding your lucky item

Finding your lucky item can be difficult, because one's lucky thing must be something very special. and not just something you just found at the wayside! And you can't buy your lucky item either, that's just the way it is.

How i found my lucky item

My lucky item is a bracelet, one I made myself. My life has always been full of bad things and my luck have never helped me. I have been bullied at school, lost my things and have never been able to complete something big! until now.

For about 5 months ago I decided to find my lucky item. and it had to be something that i could allways have on me. I started out by reading a lot of text about lucky items. I found out that is could be hard to find my lucky item and that it has to be something special, something so special, that i wound not be able to live without it. And not just a computer, television or something like that. Just something small, but yet so special that I could not live without it, once i found it.

after 2 months i finaly found something that meant something to me, something i found special to myself. an appendage for my necklace. A necklace that i bought by the local goldsmith.

i was with my family on a small vacation trip to a Viking museum, where they had all these nice appendages for my necklace and i found one that looked like "Thors hammer" so i bought it.

One week later

I didn't feel any better, after i bought this lucky item. so i was reading some more texts about this stuff. And then i found out that "One can't buy a lucky item! and if one do so and use it for the purpose of being a luckey item, the item will turn the back on you and hurt you. The item will be like a portal right to the evil in your life!" This could just be some bullshit? But once I read this, I got scared. But i also read that, one can disable the item by putting it inside a fire and then take it out the next day. So i did that and started a new journey to find my lucky item.

I now know that a lucky item can't be bought and that it has to be so special that once you find it you can't live without it. I also found out that it is possible to have it in a gift from someone related to you or a friend/girlfriend.

When i found my lucky item

It took me a while before i found my lucky item. But now i have it, my bracelet.

I have had it for a little over a month now and it realy helps me! :) If you have it like i had it? I mean like everything just seems to go wrong! And no matter what you do, it still goes wrong! Then i can recommend something like this to you :) And now you know my part of the story, so that you don't make the same mistake i did :)

The end.

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