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Playstation 3 Slim is here

A new, thinner Playstation coming in stores in September. Gamers to hang for Playstation will not look far into the future, to get new toys between hands.

PS3 has 120 gigabyte hard drive, and has otherwise the same features as the old except that Linux support has disappeared. Besides the model with 120 gigabytes, it also appears that there will be a PS3 with 250 gigabyte HD.

Giblets in the Play Station has been rebuilt from scratch, in order to be in the new and smaller packaging. The reconstruction is beyond the size, made less noise and power supply has gone from 280 watts to 250 - that is to say that Slim absorbs less power.

The price of the PS 3Slim with 120 gigabyte HD appears to be the same as the old 80 gigabyte model. So around 280 dollars. It will be released in Europe 1 September and is probably available in stores Friday 4th September.

The head of Sony Entertainment USA, Jack Tretton introduces Playstation 3 SLIM:

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