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The 10-finger system

Here is somthing that I want to share with the world of bloggers! The 10-finger system.

First of all, being a blogger requires a lot of writing skills. But for all the beginners out there, like me. I want to share how I made my life easyer as a blogger. To begin with I only made one blog post a week! but now I allmost make one or 2 posts every day!

The thing I want to share with all of you, is the 10-finger system. You might already have heard about it? I have allways known that is was there, but never learned to use it.

I will now tell you about this awsome program i just found on the internet :) it's verry cool becouse you actualy lern the 10-finger system while having fun at the same time! I don't know if you know the game called DX-Ball? But if you do, then this is allmost the same.

You can download the game here: Download

But before you start making history on you blog :D I just want to share one thing more :)

These are the places where you shuld hold your fingers to start with. I start saying them from my left to my right. So we start with the letter "A" Place your little finger on the letter "A". And then continue with your ring finger on the letter "S". Now continue with the letter "D" and "F". and at last, place your thomp on the space-bar. Now do the same with your right hand. Put your right thomp on the space-bar, your right little-finger on the ";" and your right ring-finger on the "L". Now it should be queit obvious where to put the remaning fingers

I realy hope that you found this post helpfull ! :)

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