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Farm Town, Saving, Cheat, Bug

Farm Town crashes when i save.

I lost the connection in farmtown in the middle of a job

Farm town crashes.

Need help with farm town.

Why does farm town crash when i save?

Why does farmtown keeb saving?

How do i cheat in farmtown?

How do i fix the saving problem in farmtown?

My farmtown won't stop saving.

Can you get me some farmtown cheats?

Where can i find some farmtown cheats?

I hear it all the time! And finaly i have found a solution to the problem :)

I have allso found a bug that lets you cheat! :)

Many of you out there probably know the website facebook! And you might allso know their game "Farm Town" :) Well I do and I play it very often! And I just found this beautyfull bug in the game, that lets you cheat!

You know that the game is all about building your own farm right? And that you can harvest others fields right? And how annoying it is when somone hires more than one to harvest their fields. Well i have a solution for that! I have found a bug that ltes you harvest all the fields, without having to hurry before the others harvest them! Year thats right! You get it all for yourself!

And you might allso know how annoying it is, when the game try's to save in the middle of a jop and you loose the connection becouse the game could not save! It happens all the time!

In this post i'm going to show you the solution for both problems! So hang on :)

The cheat bug

I have posted the picture above, just to make this more simple to understand. As you can see on the right corner at the top of the image. I have made an arrow and a circle, this is the button that we will use to provoke the bug.

Now go to the market and ask for a jop. Then before you start to harvest, click the button i showed you on picture 1

Now the system will ask you if you want to disconect from the mainframe and go to offline mode. Click yes to that. like at the picture bellowNow all you need to do is to harvest all the fields. And as you can see, the other players just stands still! that does not mean that they can't harvest. You just can't see it, becouse you play in offline mode. :) And then when you are done, just click on the same button again and enter online mode and the save the game :) By doing this you can harvest all the fields without having to hurry before the other players take it all :D

In the picture bellow you can see how to save

And here is my solution to the saving problem.

When the server try's to save, then just click on the save button and after that click okay on the pop up that comes.
Now just cuntinue harvesting :)

The end
I hope that you found thin post helpfull!
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