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Can dogs read your mind??

Hello again everyone:)

I often asked myself the question "Can dogs read your mind?" And that's why i'm going to make this post about dogs and their skill to hear what you are thinking. Or to know wich mood you are in (sad or happy).

My dog

I have a dog named Berta, who is my best friend. :D

She always knows when i'm sad or happy.
When i'm sad, she comes over to me, like if she would give me a hug. And when i'm happy, she comes to play ball, or to take a walk with me. :) Like i said, she always knows what i need.

What i think of this

Can a dog really read your mind? Could that be the reason for why they are called man's best friend, because they always knows what their owner needs from them?

I really believe that dogs in some way can read our minds, or at least read our body-language. If not? Then how can they always know what we need from them?

That was my random thought for today :)
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