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cola and me

Cola! I can't live without it.

When i'm sad, i drink cola.

When i'm tired, i drink cola.

When i need an extra burst of energy, i drink cola.

This post is all about me and cola, becouse i love it so much. I don't know how many of you out there, that have it like me? A lot I think :)

The taste is so wonderfull, 100% perfect! I never get tired of the taste of cola.

Don't drink cola light! It taste's like shit compared to the orignal cola.

You might also know that the only cola out there that is worth buying, is "Coca Cola" not all those cheap ones, like "River Cola" "Jolly Cola" "Pepsi Cola". You might like them? But i don't!

The shape

Did you know that Coca Cola has formed their bottle like the body of a naked women! Well i'm not going to upload a picture of a naked women here, but try finding one yourself :P Then compare it to the shape of a cola,


Before Coca cole got famous. Santa claus was in a green outfit. But now after Coca Cola got known by almost everyone, santa is red. That's right! Coca Cola is the reason to santa's outfit today.

The end
This was my story about cola and what cola is to me.

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