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I know that my english is not that good. But I do my best! :)

what if we all had the same favorit color?

Hi everyone :) I know that this a little late for me to make a blog post, so i'm going to make this one short :)

I just got this very strange thought into my mind. What if we all had the same favorite color, and the same favorite dish?

To someone this will probably sound strange, but what if the color red is blue to someone and green to someone else? I mean, what if we all liked the color red the most, but we just don't see it like red. Maybee someone likes the color blue becouse it to them looks like red! Do you follow me? :)

Well, my point is, that what if wee all liked the same thing. But our eyes just didn't see it the same way .

This was my random thought for today. :)
I find it realy hard to think through.
My mail is: if you have any questions? :)

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