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I know that my english is not that good. But I do my best! :)


Medicin. It helps me to stay above the "normal" line of sadness and below the "normal" line of happyness. In other Words, being "normal".

I can live without the fear of hurting myself. Without not knowing what to do when i cry, not to know if i wan't to live or die and to live a "happy" life.

Everything comes with a price! I am NOT like everyone else. But my pills says i have to be. But what if I want to do something not normal to others but normal to me? It's like i can't. It makes me tired and unfocused. I can't do what I want to and is interrested in doing, because my pills keeps my impulses on a leash.

So. I can live a normal but unfamiliar life, or live like "me" but know know for sure if i might just give up.
So, am i cured? I'm sertainly not my self but others see me as happy.

When is one cured? I think pills move one problem for another. Then it's up to the the person wich problem to choose. And the bygger the problem, the bigger the choice.

What do you think? Can pills cure?

The ladder effect

Falling apart

Climing towards the sun.
Climing away from the beginning.
How far can i go? I don't know.
How far can i fall? I don't know.

Climing is hard, falling is easy

I can fall with you, but never protect you.
Or I can take you with me and be your friend.
If i take you with me, we can built a relationship.
But if we fall, we fall apart forever

friends stay together.
But relationships can fall apart.
Be my friend and we stay together
Or we can built a relationship, but gamble forever.


When you can't sleep, the sound of the wind and the trees get's much louder! Everything seems bigger and more aggressive.

I want to sleep, but i can't. I want to close my eyes, but they won't

Why do I have to sleep? Why do i have to close my eyes? I want to see the world and make the best of it. I only live once!

Better go make some Coffee and write. I love to write.

I love that everything goes online and stays there for Everyone to see.
But i also love the feeling of being fresh in the morning! Oh what to do.

Well. Coffee is the meaning og life! :-D and writing is my love!

Right now i'm writing on a poem that will come up in the morning. I hope you all enjoy to read it.

Greetings from Jim :-D

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