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Gaming sites

My top 6 list of gaming sites.


  • is a very nice and funny gaming site! They have a lot of classical games, like ludo, majon, skak, and so on. They also have new entertaining games. it is sure worth a look.

The only bad thing about this site is, that there are so many games to play, and they are all so entertaining. So if you "Like me" are the type that easily spend too much time in front of the computer? Then be careful with this site! Becouse you dont want to end up sitting in your room, playing on 24/7! I did that for a month!

The last thing i want you to know is, that they try very hard to to get you signed up as a paid member (Gold member). I am a gold member at the moment. But actualy i don't like it, as a gold member! Yes, the gold members get all the goodies! Plus they get to know everytime a new game is coming and sometimes, when a new game is coming, it's only for gold members. that means free member can't play it. But let's make this very short! Gold members get all the fun stuff, while the free member get only the basic games and features.

Now you are thinking "Why din't i want to be a gold member?" Well, that's becouse when you are a gold member it's all about money! While you as a free member have these free coins called Jewels. Well you allso have these Jewels as a gold member, but only as a second thing. So if you want to play just for fun, without playing with real money. Then you don't want to be a gold member :)

Ps. if you are going to register you as a user? Then my name there is "jim112"

I give this site 5 out of 5

  • is a free flash based game site, with lot's of fun and entertaining games! You don't have to be a paid member to get al the goodies or the new games. You can even download the games, so that you can play them offline !

Another thing you can do is, if you have your own homepage or blog. Then you can acturly get some of the games on your site, so that others can play them directly from your site or blog. this feature is verry nice! i have used it here under games.

That's all i have to say about this site:)

I give this site 5 out of 5

Evony is a online strategy-game, much like age of empires 1, 2, or 3.
You are like a god, that tell's your city what to do.

On that wa you have to built up your city and upgrade your buildings, recruit soldiers, and so on. After 7 days in the game, you will be able to atack other cities. :) But i just started a few days ago, so i dont know that much about the game yet. But i can for sure tell you that it's verry fun! :)

I give this site 5 out of 5

  • is a game site just like miniclip. Just with less games than miniclip, and the games is mostly shooting or driving games. :)

The games at teagames is very fun!! i used to spend a lot of time there, before i found miniclip.

You can't download games to your desktop, or embed them on your website. So you have to be online to play them. But i still like this site, becouse it isn't as heavy to load as miniclip. Therefore you don't need a high-speed internet to load it :)

I give this site 4 out of 5

  • is just like miniclip. but they don't make their own games and they dont allow you to download them either, or embed them on your website.

But newgrounds have many more funny games than miniclip! They also have some cool adult games. But I can't remember if you have to be 18 or not? but one thing is sure! "DON'T! Tell your mom"! :)

I give this site 3 out of 5

This site is all about playing online casino games, like poker, black jack, and so on. I don't have a user here, becouse i would just play all my money up then! So if you can't controle your self? Then this is not a site for you. but on the other side, it's much easyer than going to las vegas. :)

I give this site 4 out of 5

And that's it for now. :)
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If you want to learn more about gaming? Then read my new gaming guide here :)

Gaming is not as easy as it seems. but it requires much practice to master the game completely. you also need to understand that it is not accepted to use the cheat

Choose your game. Your game should be something you will not easily get bored playing. It has to keep you interested. Allso remember that you will not be advancing beyond the low levels of the game. but in the high levels and that it might take a while to accomplish.

Know your controls. (Pc) The controls are mostly set sa standart. The sdandart is for most games [w,a,s,d, space, and the mouse. The w,a,s,d bottoms is for the basic movement, space for jumping and the mouse for moving the head and shooting. if you are playing a car/driving game such as need for speed. Then the controls will mostly be the arrows. (Console) the bottoms on a console is allways the same, and cant be changed!

Beat the single player of the game of your choice. If you can't make it through the single player, chances are you won't last long in multiplayer.

Start at the lowest level. But if you find that too easy, then move to a higher level. dont play too much in singleplayer. You will just end up getting bored ore stupid. the real skils is made from the multiplayer!

Adapt your skills. Figure out what you are doing wrong (if any)and fix it. When you reach the highest level, Then go to the multiplayer: And then remember that you only get better when you play against somone better than yourself.

Copy videos of skilled gamers as much as possible. If there are any, they can save a lot of time. Watch how they do each shot, each trick, each area, etc. It may have taken them years to figure out a particular technique, but you can have it right away by watching and copying their videos. And stick with the technique until it becomes second-nature.

Play through an area or level 20 to 30 times. (in a row, if possible.) This is where the most gamers get stuck. Each time you repeat a level, you get more and more bored (and your gaming skills in general will get worse,) so playing an area 20-30 times in a row is the best way to get bored and lose your skils.

Show off your skills. Impress your friends by showing them up in head-to-head or just round play.

Stop and think before you use racial slurs online, as they are getting played out and people get very little rise out of them now.

Showing loyalty to a game company or franchise (ex. ea sports) whether their product is quality or not, is not a good habit. Base your opinions on individual games, not the company which makes them or just because its in a franchise.

Find a game that helps develop most of your "Gamer Senses". Some of the Gamer Senses include:

- Reflexive Ability
- Platform Calculation
- Self Control
- Game Knowledge
- Timing
- Self respect for yourself and others during online play

And as allways! I'm availeble at mail:

I have allso listed some good gaming related forums

One week on vacation in a summer house. Plus images

A night with bats.

one evening while we were in the summer house. There were many bats outside the house, And i mean a lot of them!

Me and my family were playing cards, at the time when i saw it. We were playing a game called 31. It's actually very fun!
After the first game, i went outside to get a smoke. Then one of the bats flew into me while i was outside. It was very disgusting! I hate bats, so this was not the best evening for me!

The mixing battery in the shower .

Well, one day I had to go the bathroom to take a bath. So i just took off all my clothes as usually when i go to bath. Now the first thought that went through my mind was. " Now i don't hope that the tank with warm water is empty! " Lucky for me it wasn't!

Inside the bath there was this mixing battery, to mix cold and warm water. One handle to adjust how much pressure i want on the water. And a handle to adjust the water temperature.
I turned on the water and waited for the warm water to run through the pipes. Finaly the water started to get warm. But too warm!? I tried to make the water cooler, by turning the temperature handle down at cold. But it didn't work.

After a couple of minutes, the temperature handle dropped off! And all the hot water was now flowing out at me! It was very hot, so i shouted to my father that he should come and fix it! My father came, but he could not fix it. It was broken.

We then had to close our water supply, and wait for my dad to by us a new water mixer! so i didn't get to go to bath that day!

Football. children against parents

One day we all decided to play football! It was very fun, to play against my parents! It was me, my sister at 13, and my brother at 9. Against my mother at 43 and my dad at 48! Me and my siblings started out the lead. We had 6 points and my parents had 2 points. Then we took a short break to breathe! My conditioning was not very good And nor was my parents. After the break we continued playing. But now it was the parents that were leading! I didn't like that, becouse i don't like to loose. But enough of that! My parents won the game, sadly for me!

After the game, we all went down to the city to buy an icecream. And to look around at the different stores! Me and my mom found a very nice store, with some very cool clothes! But i couldn't afford any of it. So after a nice little walk in the city, we were going home again.


I also spend some time making some drawings! :)

This one took me about 5 hours to make this! I was inspired by one of the trees in the garden. But it doesn't look like that tree at all huh! i think i need some practise:) I like drawing. But i just dont have the time to get in to it, so it's only when i'm bored i draw.

This one is a fantasi tree. I wanted to make a tree that doesn't look like any other tree! I got my inspiration from a cactus! Year i know that it seems strange, but i think that it's becouse of the trees that was around me, when i made this drawing. and then i think i have mixed the caktus with a normal tree. :)

This one is a tree seen more close up. At the left you can see the tree trunk. And out from that there goes a branch, with some leaves on. I have really tried to make this one simple. becouse i got bore of drawing all those leaves! So i didn't want to make a lot out of this one :)

I got my inspiration from the disney movie called "Chip and Chap" i don't know, whether you know it? :)
Ps. Look at the shadow effect on the tree trunk :)

The last thing i did up there in the summer house. a trip to a small Salt Center

I think it was quite exiting to go to the Salt Center! They had a lot of cool things to look at and some funny things to do. Like a pool where the water was consisted of 30% salt. Then they had a small cinema, where they everyone could watch and learn about the history of salt. Rather funny actually.

Now i have some pictures to sh
ow you! :)
  1. where they make salt.

  2. The salt pool.

  3. The salt mine

  4. The funride/Cinema

  5. And finaly the store!

And finaly i want to tell you about what i think of this salt center.

I did pay a lot to get a ticket to this center. And there wasn't that much to see for that high price, so i just tried everything twice. :P

So i would not go there again. I have been at a much bigger salt center/mine! That one was i polen. It was VERY!! Huge. There was over 2000 room to look at! And some very big salt sculptures. Can you imagine to be 300 meters underground in a massive underground church? Year, I'm not joking! A church, 300 meters underground. The mineworkers had such a thing, so that they could go to church after work. Becouse it was very dangerous to work down there! But enough of that :) i promise to post some fotos from the one in polen later. :)

And this is the end of that post! Hope you liked it? :)
As allways, you can reach me on mail:

But before i leave i want to say thanks to this site: LINK for uploading some great pictures! :)

And to my parrent, for taking me on this great vacation

How to download a video from youtube

Year it's right. Download video's from youtube! Haven't you ever watched a movie on youtube, and then wondered how to watch it offline? Or use it in a offline presentation?

I am now going to show you how to download video's from youtube! So hang on and read the rest! :)

Part 1:
Open your browser. And then type in, and press enter :P

Part 2:
Find the movie you want to download! you can use the search bar in youtube!

Part 3:
Now you will need a small program. But do not worry, it is freeware
Follow this link to get the software. Link
And remember to save it a place where you are able to find it!

Part 4:
Once you got the program downloaded. You need to install it. And if you dont know how to do that? Then follow these few steps Bellow

  1. Find your exe file. (The program you just downloaded) It looks like the picture bellow
  2. Then you will have to double click on it
  3. Now you should get a window like the window bellow
  4. Now click "next".
  5. On the next window you click on "I Agree"
  6. On this third window you have the possibilityto change the destination folder for the program! But since you read this guide, you dont want to do that! That is only for professionals. So just click next :)
  7. Now you will get a window like this one bellow
  8. On the picture you can see that i have made a red cirkel 2 places on the picture. If you dont want to install the useless tollbar. And make the Searchme your default search engine? then you need to remove the check sign from them before you click "Install"
  9. Now click "Install"
  10. And finaly you'r done! :)
Part 5:
Now you just copy and past the video url into the "Youtube downloader"
Look at the 2 pictures bellow
  1. As you can see on the picture above. I have made a red cirkel around the url you need to copy.
  2. And on this picture i have the "Youtube downloader" open. Enter your url in the "Enter video URL" field. Somtimes it does it automatically.
  3. After that, you need click on the little button just bellow the url field to your right. To choose where to save the downloaded video.
  4. Now the final step! :) Just click on "Convert to" field. And choose witch format you fant to save your movie in! :)
And finally you'r done!!!
My email is if you have any questions?

Why save the best for last?

There is one thing that i don't get? Why is everyone saving the best for last? I mean, why not eating/drinking/doing the best first?

I think it's becouse that we want to remember the last thing as the best thing. becouse we don't forget the last thing we did or ate, as easy as the first thing we did or ate.

I'm not sure. But why else? Has it something to do with our nature? I mean, animals for example, they allways take the best first.

But here is another thought. Why don't we just stop doing what we hate to do, or don't like to do. And then only spend our time doing, what we love to do? What would the world be like if everyone did what they loved to do? It would be a problem if everyone loved the same thing! But we don't. Would the world be a better place then?

I think that's why we save the best for last. Becouse we want to feel like we only do what we love to do. We don't want to think back in our lives, and just think that we had used all our life doing things we didn't like to do.

That was my random thought of the day :)

Again my mail is:

Music, and how it affects me

Music for me, is like living my life in another world.

When i'm sad, I often just listen to some good music. It seems to solve the problem better than pills and that kind of stuff. Also when i hear a serten song at a serten time in a serten place, I can then use the song i herd to recall the memory of that serten time when i herd that serten song.

Somtimes when i miss a person, A song can help me to feal like i'm with that person.
Let's say that i have a friend. And that i only have 1 day left with him, before he needs to go home. And that he lives fare fare away. Somone that i dont see verry often. I would then ask him to sit down with me and hear a song, a song that both me and him likes. Then when he leaves, and i begin to miss him. I can just listen to the song wee herd.

I also use songs to remember serten moments in my life.

Somtimes when I have one of my good days, you know those days when everything just goes as it should. When i have such a day, I wish that it will never end. But it allways does! So the thing i do to remember all the good moments in my life, or the nice days when everything goes as it shuld. Is that i dedicate a song for every good moment in my life. Well now you probably think that i'm insane! that's a big thin to do! Yes it is, butnot if yo lern how to do it right! You dont have to find a blog and a pin to write every good moment in your life down, and dedicate a song to it! Everyone have some favorite songs. Yes even you. But the reason to that, is that you can relate the song to somthing good in your life. So the only thing i do to relate songs to my good moments, is to hear as manny songs as possible. I hear music when i cook, when i'm bored, when i'm working, or even before i go to sleep. And then when somthing good happens in my life, I automaticly relate that thing to a song that reminds me of that exact moment! :)

Music is nice when I do fitness workout's

I often use rock or techno mucis, when i do fitness. When i hear a really coll song, "like Systen Of A Down". Then it gives me much more energy, and let me work harder on my body.

My favirit bands:

  • System Of A Down (Rock)
  • Groove Coverage (Techno)
  • Avril Lavigne (Rock/Pop)
  • Celine Dion (Pop)
  • Slipnot (Death Rock)
  • phil collins (Pop)
  • katy perry (Pop)
  • Bon Jovi (Rock/Pop)
  • Nickleback (Rock/Pop)
  • celina ree (Rock/Pop)
There are manny mor that i like. But theese are the ones i hear most! :)

And as allways. This is my mail.

What is a movie?

A movie is just i bunch of pictures that is playet verry fast! The standart fps for a movie is about 25. Fps stands for, frames per second.

Today there is a lot of different kinds of movies. Now i'm just gonna mention a few of them.

Thriller: Thriller is a broad name. The genre comes from the word "Thrill" (To Thrill). And therefore the thriller genre is mostly a mixup of severel genre's.

Horror: A horror movie, is a scarry movie. The genre was first defined in the beginning of the 19'th century. And describes a movie. where the maker wants to scare the audience.

Action: A action movie, is a movie filled with guns, fast cars, lots of violent scenes. And best of all, sometimes also sexy scenes.

Comedy: A comedy movie, is a fun movie. A movie everyone can watch. Not like horror, action. And thriller, where young people can watch.

Note that these genres are the overall genres. There are manny under genres, like (Action comedy, Action thriller, Comedy horror, Psykologic thriller, and so on.

As you can see, most of the under genres is made out of the basic genres. But enough of that. Now i'm going to tell you about the different kind of qualities of a movie.

1. VHS:

VHS, also known as "Video Home System", is a video tape recording standard developed during the 1970s. It was released to the public during the latter half of the decade. During the late part of the 1970s and the early 1980s it formed one-half of the VHS vs Betamax war, which it would eventually go on to win. VHS' properties include longer playing time, faster rewinding and fast-forwarding, and a less complex tape transport mechanism. The open standard used for VHS technology allowed mass production without licensing costs. VHS would eventually come out as the winning video tape format, surpassing other home tape formats by the 1990s.

In later years, optical disc formats began to offer better quality than video tape, and took over in film studios, then retailers, and finally video rental stores. By 2006, most major film studios stopped releasing new movie titles in VHS format, opting for others such as DVD and Blu-ray.

On December 23, 2008, the last major United States supplier of pre-recorded VHS tapes, Distribution Video Audio Inc. of Palm Harbor, Florida, shipped its final truckload.

2. DVD:

DVD, also known as "Digital Versatile Disc", is an optical disc storage media format. Its main uses are video and data storage. DVDs are of the same dimensions as compact discs (CDs), but store more than six times as much data.

Variations of the term DVD often describe the way data is stored on the discs: DVD-ROM (Read Only Memory) has data that can only be read and not written; DVD-R and DVD+R can record data only once, and then function as a DVD-ROM; DVD-RW, DVD+RW, and DVD-RAM can both record and erase data multiple times. The wavelength used by standard DVD lasers is 650 nm; thus, the light has a red color.

DVD Video and DVD Audio discs refer to properly formatted and structured video and audio content, respectively. Other types of DVDs, including those with video content, may be referred to as DVD Data discs.

As next-generation High Definition optical formats (such as Blu-ray Disc and the defunct HD DVD) have been developed, the original DVD is occasionally given the retronym SD DVD (for standard definition).

3. HD-DVD:

HD DVD, also known as "High-Definition/Density DVD", is a high-density optical disc format for storing data and high-definition video. HD DVD is supported principally by Toshiba, and was envisaged to be the successor to the standard DVD format. However, in February 2008, after a protracted format war with rival Blu-ray, Toshiba abandoned the format, announcing it would no longer develop or manufacture HD DVD players or drives.

Since all variants except 3× DVD and HD REC employed a blue laser with a shorter wavelength, HD DVD could store about 3¼ times as much data per layer as its predecessor (maximum capacity: 15 GB per layer instead of 4.7 GB per layer).

Much like the VHS vs. Betamax format war during the late 1970s and early 1980s, HD DVD was competing with rival format Blu-ray Disc. In 2008, major content manufacturers and key retailers began withdrawing their support for the format. Toshiba's withdrawal from the format ended the high definition optical disc format war, effectively making rival Blu-ray Disc the dominant format for high definition video discs. The HD DVD Promotion Group was dissolved on March 28, 2008.

4. Blue Ray:

Blu-ray Disc (also known as Blu-ray or BD) is an optical disc storage medium to supersede the standard DVD format. Its main uses are for storing PlayStation 3 games, high-definition video and data storage with up to 50GB per disc. The disc has the same physical dimensions as standard DVDs and CDs.

The name Blu-ray Disc derives from the blue-violet laser used to read the disc. While a standard DVD uses a 650 nanometre red laser, Blu-ray uses a shorter wavelength, a 405 nm blue-violet laser, and allows for almost six times more data storage than on a DVD.

During the format war over high-definition optical discs, Blu-ray competed with the HD DVD format. Toshiba, the main company supporting HD DVD, ceded in February 2008 and the format war ended.

Blu-ray Disc is developed by the Blu-ray Disc Association, a group representing makers of consumer electronics, computer hardware, and motion pictures. As of June 2009, more than 1000 Blu-ray disc titles are available in Australia, 2500 in Japan, 1500 in the United Kingdom, and 2500 in the United States and Canada.

And that's it.
Hope you found this informative! As always, my mail is: if you have any questions

The day before beach party

It all started with Maria and Michael came to visit. We had agreed to meet, the day before the beach party started. Danny and Matias arrived a little later than Michael and Maria. So, before Danny and Matias came. Me and maria went down to the city to shop the evening meal. We were all into the pizza that day.

My mother gave me 40 dollars. And said. "Here you have a little extra! Don't forget to buy some for us as well." I replied. "Of course not mother!"

Inside the city there was a lot of people! There always is the day before the beach party.

I got a note from my mother, which says what we needed to buy to make pizza.

"Maria? Would you go and and find some chips, cola and candy? Then I'll go find what we need for pizza." "Year, of course I will." "Thanks, Maria!" After we had traded in for dinner and candy, we were going get some beer to Michael. He asked Maria to buy some for him, while we were in town.

When we got home we needed emptied the car.

"Jim, we can just throw it all through your open window." "No wait Maria! I'll go get a tub."

2min. Later. "æææ? Didn't you go for a tub Jim?" "Yes I did, but there was not any empty tubs! They were all filled with clothes."

Maria seemed a little mad at me? But it was probably just me who misunderstood it. Later when we had worn our product inside, Danny and Matias arrived. Danny made a wheelie in the driveway!

"Hello," said Matias in through the window with a beer in his hand. "See, I have bought the new ipod touch!" Said Matias to Michael "Nice enough," said Michael.

Maria said, "Come on in guys!"

When they came into my room. It hit me how much I had really missed my friends. Maria, who is always happy and full of fun. Michael, as always, the funny comments. Matias, our very own junkie! He is also incredibly fun to be with. plus he's a good friend. That is Danny and Michael too. Maria <3

Later in the evening the same day as they came. We was really enjoying our self's! With candy, sodas, chips, music. And an incredibly cozy atmosphere. I asked several times whether we should take a poker game? But none of them would play poker that night. It was probably allso best that way, because people were also becoming tired. Maria had already put herself under the duvet. And I sat next to her smoking a cigarette. "I want to sleep in my own bed!" I said to the others. Maria said the same, so there wasn't space in the bed for more people now. It ended with that I slept out on the caught with Matias. Danny, Maria and Michael, slept in my bed

Day 2:

Good morning! it sounded from within the room. Maria was the wagon. Michael and Danny woke up shortly after Maria said good morning to those contained in my room. Matias en I, woke up shortly after.

And here this short story ends. that's my mail, if you have any questions

If you are the owner of a free hosing service such as (Byethost). Then you also know that you have a limited bandwidth available each month and that it can be difficult to get a website up and running with everything it imply, and still have bandwidth left each month.

You have to remember that your bandwidth is the amount of data being transferred from your website (hosting service) to the visitors of your homepage. so if your site turns 10MB in total, this means that you use 10MB bandwidth for each visitor you have. If you then also have video clips on your website. Then that number increases. because a video clip uses a lot of disk space, and therefore some bandwidth if it is displayed. But there is a solution for that. Because in this guide I will show you how to upload a video clip on your website without losing bandwidth when visitors see the video. The magic word is youtube! youtube is as far as I know the largest and most comprehensive page on this area, the first thing you should do is to establish you as a user on

It is free to create you as a user on youtube. And you'll find out that there are many present parts by creating your user on youtube.

You can, among other things make other movies your favorite, so you do not have to look for your favorite movies whenever you want to see them.

You also have your own channel that you can edit, plus much more.

Once you've created your user, you just upload the movies you want to display on your website to youtube. Be aware that your film should not exceed 1000MB per film. Now it's time to get the movies you've uploaded to youtube to your website Go to one of your movies on youtube, so it is played.

As you can see in the picture. I have made a red marker. The mark shows the code that you should put on your homepage. Remenber not to copy the url code. But the embed code

Well, I hope you found what you needed :)
And if you have any questions? my mail is

I have allso listed 2 good places to host your website

My life with asperger

A little about myself:
My name is Jim, I am 20 years and got my diagnosis of Asperger when I was 15.

My understanding of Asperger syndrome:
The problem with Asperger is that it is an invisible disability, and that people who do not know that I have Asperger, behave automatically to me as if I was a normal human being, and therefore they agt to me like they would to any other normal human being.

When I can not meet the demands they makee, it often leads to problems such as. bullying. I have also found out that as Asperger i have some learning difficulties, and usually have it very difficult socially. I have, for example. Verry hard to be with many people at one time.

The problems that I have received:
It may be a problem when I want to have a conversation with another person and the person does not understand me. Or if I do not understand him / her, then the most peaple will be a bit sour or think that I'm weird.

Having an invisible disability can be very difficult:
Because other peaple cant look at me and see that I am different. And therefore their expectations of me is very high. Another problem is, that I like computers and I use a lot of my time infront of a computer. It is allmost the only thing I think about. I also enjoy some other things, but when I'm with others I am only talking about computer. Due I as Asperger only can concentrate on one thing, in this case my hobby.

My feelings:
I have always found it difficult to show my feelings, both good and bad feelings. And That's difficult for others to understand. Becouse i'm not good at showing other peaple when there is somthing i dont think is funny. My body language says somthing, but my heart says something else.

My Future:
In my future I intend to be a programmer. I have often wished to be an computer repair man, but I think that it would be more exciting to be a programmer/webintegrator.

The aim is to achieve my goal. To move forward in life, then it's important for me to know what I want in the future and therefore I need to set a goal. A "normal" person would probably just go ten years in primary school, and so on in high school or something. And then look for a place to learn / work. I probably would have to go a completely different path to achieve my goals.

Ten years in primary school. Then on Afterschool. Then something else, and probably something fourth. And then a little in school again.

I need several things to achieve my goal, but it is important to stick to the plan. Otherwise i will just go down and have to start all over again.

How I had it before I was diagnosed with Asperger:
I knew well that there was something wrong. But I did not know what. What i mean is, that when someone tease me, I didnt know why. And I did not know what I should do about it, because it's a handicap I have. I thought it was because of my red hair, or something else. Now I can better ignore them, because I know what is wrong. I am glad that there is a name for it now. Because I have always gone around and given myself the blame. But now I'm free.

Thanks for reading this! :)
If you have any questions? then just write to my mail :)


I took my jacket, and went on a walk.

My girlfriend Theresa had just broke up with me, so I was fairly sad. But luckeyly for me I live on countryside and therefore i can easily go for a walk in peace when i'm sad. Without car noise, people talking and all that kind of noise!

It was difficult not to think about all the good days and hours I had had with Theresa. So I went to a very slow pace. And I did my best to get anything else into my head, just something other than her. but as time went and my feet were tired, I noticed how far I actually was went away from home. But I was still very sad, so I thought no more of that. I continued to walk, but had now increased my pace a little. And my thoughts ver no longer locked into Theresa

indeed, I am always a walk outside when there is something going on to me or if I need ideas for something. It is like you are a totally different person when you just go and go. I had completely forgotten that my feet were tired, as it suddenly began to rain. The rain fell faster and faster. And I began gradually becoming more and more wet. If I have not become ill, I thought. After having gone around in an hour I decided to sit down on a bench. I was incredibly well on the bench! which led me to think about how much I wanted to smoke. But after I had looked through all my pockets, I discovered that I had forgotten my smokes at home. Shit I thought. I really needed a cigarette at that moment. But after that, threw out of the blue, came a male pedestrian. He was also smoking, I could look at his lit cigarette. Do you have a smoke I can borrow? I asked him. "Yes I have my friend," he said. "Thank you" I said. The man went on while I tried to get a fire in my smoke. But I was almost finished with the smoke as an old lady came and looked evil to me? "You should be ashamed of you" said the lady. "Why!" I said. "Because you smoke" she said. "Dont you know that it is incredibly dangerous?" she said. "Death has to have a reason" I said to her. She did'nt say more and just went again.

Well my smoke was now gone and the trip went back home again. On the way home it just started to rain more than it already did. And my trousers and my shirt was completely wet! but as the rain fell I got more and more like just to turn around and go an even longer trip. Walking in the rain and thinking was incredibly nice. And I could totally go and decide which way I wanted to go. The only problem was that I had to go to school the next day. and I knew that my mother would be mad if I was not home to dinner!. and there was only a half hour to. So I began to go home. But i needed to hurry up if i wanted to make it home in time! I always missed the bell when I just went and was myself.

I was now so close to the house that I could smell my mother's food. mmm that smell good! I rushed to the front door to get inside and away from the rain. but it was locked? I shouded to my mother, that she should get out and open the door for me. She came in a hurry and opened the for me, but said that I immediately had to go shower and get some dry clothes. so I did that.

And here my little storry ends.

My name is Jim Rasmussen. and this storry was authentic! I am today is 20 years old. But i still go for a walk once in a while. but since then, I have started to plan my walk's so that it starts to rain on the tour! It is extremely nice to walk around in the rain:)

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