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How to be a better gamer. "Works"

Gaming is not as easy as it seems. but it requires much practice to master the game completely. you also need to understand that it is not accepted to use the cheat

Choose your game. Your game should be something you will not easily get bored playing. It has to keep you interested. Allso remember that you will not be advancing beyond the low levels of the game. but in the high levels and that it might take a while to accomplish.

Know your controls. (Pc) The controls are mostly set sa standart. The sdandart is for most games [w,a,s,d, space, and the mouse. The w,a,s,d bottoms is for the basic movement, space for jumping and the mouse for moving the head and shooting. if you are playing a car/driving game such as need for speed. Then the controls will mostly be the arrows. (Console) the bottoms on a console is allways the same, and cant be changed!

Beat the single player of the game of your choice. If you can't make it through the single player, chances are you won't last long in multiplayer.

Start at the lowest level. But if you find that too easy, then move to a higher level. dont play too much in singleplayer. You will just end up getting bored ore stupid. the real skils is made from the multiplayer!

Adapt your skills. Figure out what you are doing wrong (if any)and fix it. When you reach the highest level, Then go to the multiplayer: And then remember that you only get better when you play against somone better than yourself.

Copy videos of skilled gamers as much as possible. If there are any, they can save a lot of time. Watch how they do each shot, each trick, each area, etc. It may have taken them years to figure out a particular technique, but you can have it right away by watching and copying their videos. And stick with the technique until it becomes second-nature.

Play through an area or level 20 to 30 times. (in a row, if possible.) This is where the most gamers get stuck. Each time you repeat a level, you get more and more bored (and your gaming skills in general will get worse,) so playing an area 20-30 times in a row is the best way to get bored and lose your skils.

Show off your skills. Impress your friends by showing them up in head-to-head or just round play.

Stop and think before you use racial slurs online, as they are getting played out and people get very little rise out of them now.

Showing loyalty to a game company or franchise (ex. ea sports) whether their product is quality or not, is not a good habit. Base your opinions on individual games, not the company which makes them or just because its in a franchise.

Find a game that helps develop most of your "Gamer Senses". Some of the Gamer Senses include:

- Reflexive Ability
- Platform Calculation
- Self Control
- Game Knowledge
- Timing
- Self respect for yourself and others during online play

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