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If you are the owner of a free hosing service such as (Byethost). Then you also know that you have a limited bandwidth available each month and that it can be difficult to get a website up and running with everything it imply, and still have bandwidth left each month.

You have to remember that your bandwidth is the amount of data being transferred from your website (hosting service) to the visitors of your homepage. so if your site turns 10MB in total, this means that you use 10MB bandwidth for each visitor you have. If you then also have video clips on your website. Then that number increases. because a video clip uses a lot of disk space, and therefore some bandwidth if it is displayed. But there is a solution for that. Because in this guide I will show you how to upload a video clip on your website without losing bandwidth when visitors see the video. The magic word is youtube! youtube is as far as I know the largest and most comprehensive page on this area, the first thing you should do is to establish you as a user on

It is free to create you as a user on youtube. And you'll find out that there are many present parts by creating your user on youtube.

You can, among other things make other movies your favorite, so you do not have to look for your favorite movies whenever you want to see them.

You also have your own channel that you can edit, plus much more.

Once you've created your user, you just upload the movies you want to display on your website to youtube. Be aware that your film should not exceed 1000MB per film. Now it's time to get the movies you've uploaded to youtube to your website Go to one of your movies on youtube, so it is played.

As you can see in the picture. I have made a red marker. The mark shows the code that you should put on your homepage. Remenber not to copy the url code. But the embed code

Well, I hope you found what you needed :)
And if you have any questions? my mail is

I have allso listed 2 good places to host your website

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Not bad...have i nice day!!!

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yeah for sure not bad. obviously a little known but still good.

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