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The day before beach party

It all started with Maria and Michael came to visit. We had agreed to meet, the day before the beach party started. Danny and Matias arrived a little later than Michael and Maria. So, before Danny and Matias came. Me and maria went down to the city to shop the evening meal. We were all into the pizza that day.

My mother gave me 40 dollars. And said. "Here you have a little extra! Don't forget to buy some for us as well." I replied. "Of course not mother!"

Inside the city there was a lot of people! There always is the day before the beach party.

I got a note from my mother, which says what we needed to buy to make pizza.

"Maria? Would you go and and find some chips, cola and candy? Then I'll go find what we need for pizza." "Year, of course I will." "Thanks, Maria!" After we had traded in for dinner and candy, we were going get some beer to Michael. He asked Maria to buy some for him, while we were in town.

When we got home we needed emptied the car.

"Jim, we can just throw it all through your open window." "No wait Maria! I'll go get a tub."

2min. Later. "æææ? Didn't you go for a tub Jim?" "Yes I did, but there was not any empty tubs! They were all filled with clothes."

Maria seemed a little mad at me? But it was probably just me who misunderstood it. Later when we had worn our product inside, Danny and Matias arrived. Danny made a wheelie in the driveway!

"Hello," said Matias in through the window with a beer in his hand. "See, I have bought the new ipod touch!" Said Matias to Michael "Nice enough," said Michael.

Maria said, "Come on in guys!"

When they came into my room. It hit me how much I had really missed my friends. Maria, who is always happy and full of fun. Michael, as always, the funny comments. Matias, our very own junkie! He is also incredibly fun to be with. plus he's a good friend. That is Danny and Michael too. Maria <3

Later in the evening the same day as they came. We was really enjoying our self's! With candy, sodas, chips, music. And an incredibly cozy atmosphere. I asked several times whether we should take a poker game? But none of them would play poker that night. It was probably allso best that way, because people were also becoming tired. Maria had already put herself under the duvet. And I sat next to her smoking a cigarette. "I want to sleep in my own bed!" I said to the others. Maria said the same, so there wasn't space in the bed for more people now. It ended with that I slept out on the caught with Matias. Danny, Maria and Michael, slept in my bed

Day 2:

Good morning! it sounded from within the room. Maria was the wagon. Michael and Danny woke up shortly after Maria said good morning to those contained in my room. Matias en I, woke up shortly after.

And here this short story ends. that's my mail, if you have any questions

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