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Music, and how it affects me

Music for me, is like living my life in another world.

When i'm sad, I often just listen to some good music. It seems to solve the problem better than pills and that kind of stuff. Also when i hear a serten song at a serten time in a serten place, I can then use the song i herd to recall the memory of that serten time when i herd that serten song.

Somtimes when i miss a person, A song can help me to feal like i'm with that person.
Let's say that i have a friend. And that i only have 1 day left with him, before he needs to go home. And that he lives fare fare away. Somone that i dont see verry often. I would then ask him to sit down with me and hear a song, a song that both me and him likes. Then when he leaves, and i begin to miss him. I can just listen to the song wee herd.

I also use songs to remember serten moments in my life.

Somtimes when I have one of my good days, you know those days when everything just goes as it should. When i have such a day, I wish that it will never end. But it allways does! So the thing i do to remember all the good moments in my life, or the nice days when everything goes as it shuld. Is that i dedicate a song for every good moment in my life. Well now you probably think that i'm insane! that's a big thin to do! Yes it is, butnot if yo lern how to do it right! You dont have to find a blog and a pin to write every good moment in your life down, and dedicate a song to it! Everyone have some favorite songs. Yes even you. But the reason to that, is that you can relate the song to somthing good in your life. So the only thing i do to relate songs to my good moments, is to hear as manny songs as possible. I hear music when i cook, when i'm bored, when i'm working, or even before i go to sleep. And then when somthing good happens in my life, I automaticly relate that thing to a song that reminds me of that exact moment! :)

Music is nice when I do fitness workout's

I often use rock or techno mucis, when i do fitness. When i hear a really coll song, "like Systen Of A Down". Then it gives me much more energy, and let me work harder on my body.

My favirit bands:

  • System Of A Down (Rock)
  • Groove Coverage (Techno)
  • Avril Lavigne (Rock/Pop)
  • Celine Dion (Pop)
  • Slipnot (Death Rock)
  • phil collins (Pop)
  • katy perry (Pop)
  • Bon Jovi (Rock/Pop)
  • Nickleback (Rock/Pop)
  • celina ree (Rock/Pop)
There are manny mor that i like. But theese are the ones i hear most! :)

And as allways. This is my mail.

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