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I know that my english is not that good. But I do my best! :)


When you can't sleep, the sound of the wind and the trees get's much louder! Everything seems bigger and more aggressive.

I want to sleep, but i can't. I want to close my eyes, but they won't

Why do I have to sleep? Why do i have to close my eyes? I want to see the world and make the best of it. I only live once!

Better go make some Coffee and write. I love to write.

I love that everything goes online and stays there for Everyone to see.
But i also love the feeling of being fresh in the morning! Oh what to do.

Well. Coffee is the meaning og life! :-D and writing is my love!

Right now i'm writing on a poem that will come up in the morning. I hope you all enjoy to read it.

Greetings from Jim :-D

Keep going

K now your way and you will get there.
E xit a world world and you are on your way.
E nter a world and you are there.
P ersist and you will stay there.

G row and you will see more.
O wn your road and you own your destination.
I nvent on your road and choose a destination.
N ever look back and you will get longer.
G o, reach your destination and go further

Love and death

It can be familie, it should give you energy.

IT can be intimate, it should make you feel needed.

It's not the destination, but where it belongs.

IT doesn't grant life, life grantet it to you.


IT makes you wanna die for, and never let go before you fall.

It could break down your wall, and it will break down your heart.

Some run away, some get angry and some commit suicide!




I can always clime. But only alone.
I don't have the power. To go down and up again.
So if i choose, i'm in it for life.

I can always clime. But only alone.
When I make it to the top. I'll be there by my own.
I can carry a friend. But not to the top.
Only half and you the rest.

If i take you with me. I play with my life.
But if i don't. I loose that half.
If you leave me. I have used my energy and now i will fall and never come up.

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