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I know that my english is not that good. But I do my best! :)


When you can't sleep, the sound of the wind and the trees get's much louder! Everything seems bigger and more aggressive.

I want to sleep, but i can't. I want to close my eyes, but they won't

Why do I have to sleep? Why do i have to close my eyes? I want to see the world and make the best of it. I only live once!

Better go make some Coffee and write. I love to write.

I love that everything goes online and stays there for Everyone to see.
But i also love the feeling of being fresh in the morning! Oh what to do.

Well. Coffee is the meaning og life! :-D and writing is my love!

Right now i'm writing on a poem that will come up in the morning. I hope you all enjoy to read it.

Greetings from Jim :-D

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