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Why save the best for last?

There is one thing that i don't get? Why is everyone saving the best for last? I mean, why not eating/drinking/doing the best first?

I think it's becouse that we want to remember the last thing as the best thing. becouse we don't forget the last thing we did or ate, as easy as the first thing we did or ate.

I'm not sure. But why else? Has it something to do with our nature? I mean, animals for example, they allways take the best first.

But here is another thought. Why don't we just stop doing what we hate to do, or don't like to do. And then only spend our time doing, what we love to do? What would the world be like if everyone did what they loved to do? It would be a problem if everyone loved the same thing! But we don't. Would the world be a better place then?

I think that's why we save the best for last. Becouse we want to feel like we only do what we love to do. We don't want to think back in our lives, and just think that we had used all our life doing things we didn't like to do.

That was my random thought of the day :)

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