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A walk in the rain..

I took my jacket, and went on a walk.

My girlfriend Theresa had just broke up with me, so I was fairly sad. But luckeyly for me I live on countryside and therefore i can easily go for a walk in peace when i'm sad. Without car noise, people talking and all that kind of noise!

It was difficult not to think about all the good days and hours I had had with Theresa. So I went to a very slow pace. And I did my best to get anything else into my head, just something other than her. but as time went and my feet were tired, I noticed how far I actually was went away from home. But I was still very sad, so I thought no more of that. I continued to walk, but had now increased my pace a little. And my thoughts ver no longer locked into Theresa

indeed, I am always a walk outside when there is something going on to me or if I need ideas for something. It is like you are a totally different person when you just go and go. I had completely forgotten that my feet were tired, as it suddenly began to rain. The rain fell faster and faster. And I began gradually becoming more and more wet. If I have not become ill, I thought. After having gone around in an hour I decided to sit down on a bench. I was incredibly well on the bench! which led me to think about how much I wanted to smoke. But after I had looked through all my pockets, I discovered that I had forgotten my smokes at home. Shit I thought. I really needed a cigarette at that moment. But after that, threw out of the blue, came a male pedestrian. He was also smoking, I could look at his lit cigarette. Do you have a smoke I can borrow? I asked him. "Yes I have my friend," he said. "Thank you" I said. The man went on while I tried to get a fire in my smoke. But I was almost finished with the smoke as an old lady came and looked evil to me? "You should be ashamed of you" said the lady. "Why!" I said. "Because you smoke" she said. "Dont you know that it is incredibly dangerous?" she said. "Death has to have a reason" I said to her. She did'nt say more and just went again.

Well my smoke was now gone and the trip went back home again. On the way home it just started to rain more than it already did. And my trousers and my shirt was completely wet! but as the rain fell I got more and more like just to turn around and go an even longer trip. Walking in the rain and thinking was incredibly nice. And I could totally go and decide which way I wanted to go. The only problem was that I had to go to school the next day. and I knew that my mother would be mad if I was not home to dinner!. and there was only a half hour to. So I began to go home. But i needed to hurry up if i wanted to make it home in time! I always missed the bell when I just went and was myself.

I was now so close to the house that I could smell my mother's food. mmm that smell good! I rushed to the front door to get inside and away from the rain. but it was locked? I shouded to my mother, that she should get out and open the door for me. She came in a hurry and opened the for me, but said that I immediately had to go shower and get some dry clothes. so I did that.

And here my little storry ends.

My name is Jim Rasmussen. and this storry was authentic! I am today is 20 years old. But i still go for a walk once in a while. but since then, I have started to plan my walk's so that it starts to rain on the tour! It is extremely nice to walk around in the rain:)

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