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How to download a video from youtube

Year it's right. Download video's from youtube! Haven't you ever watched a movie on youtube, and then wondered how to watch it offline? Or use it in a offline presentation?

I am now going to show you how to download video's from youtube! So hang on and read the rest! :)

Part 1:
Open your browser. And then type in, and press enter :P

Part 2:
Find the movie you want to download! you can use the search bar in youtube!

Part 3:
Now you will need a small program. But do not worry, it is freeware
Follow this link to get the software. Link
And remember to save it a place where you are able to find it!

Part 4:
Once you got the program downloaded. You need to install it. And if you dont know how to do that? Then follow these few steps Bellow

  1. Find your exe file. (The program you just downloaded) It looks like the picture bellow
  2. Then you will have to double click on it
  3. Now you should get a window like the window bellow
  4. Now click "next".
  5. On the next window you click on "I Agree"
  6. On this third window you have the possibilityto change the destination folder for the program! But since you read this guide, you dont want to do that! That is only for professionals. So just click next :)
  7. Now you will get a window like this one bellow
  8. On the picture you can see that i have made a red cirkel 2 places on the picture. If you dont want to install the useless tollbar. And make the Searchme your default search engine? then you need to remove the check sign from them before you click "Install"
  9. Now click "Install"
  10. And finaly you'r done! :)
Part 5:
Now you just copy and past the video url into the "Youtube downloader"
Look at the 2 pictures bellow
  1. As you can see on the picture above. I have made a red cirkel around the url you need to copy.
  2. And on this picture i have the "Youtube downloader" open. Enter your url in the "Enter video URL" field. Somtimes it does it automatically.
  3. After that, you need click on the little button just bellow the url field to your right. To choose where to save the downloaded video.
  4. Now the final step! :) Just click on "Convert to" field. And choose witch format you fant to save your movie in! :)
And finally you'r done!!!
My email is if you have any questions?

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