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How i promoted my blog

Now i'm going to tell you how i promoted my blog and what services i use to promote my blog with. I am also going to give you a rewiew of the services i use to promote with :)

But! First of all you should know, that promoting your blog takes time and a lot of willpower. If you think that promoting a blog and get traffic to your blog is somthing that will happen overnight, then your at the wrong place. Becouse my first and only rule to suceed, is patience. You need to be patient in order to suceed.

But with that said, i think we can continue.

Original content

It is first of all very importent that you have a blog with original content. Because google, yahoo and other search engines don't rank "copy and paste content" as high as original content. Why? Well, it's becouse that original content don't already exist on the internet. and copy paste do. therefore google, yahoo and other big search engines don't index you.

No original content, no pagerank! That's it.

Get somone to review your blog

In order to keeb your blog updated and user friendly, you need to know what others think of your blog.

There are many sites out there that can give you reviews of your blog, but i only know one of them. And the reason for that is that i only need one. If you (like others) becomes a member of 10 or more sites, Chances are that google will index your site as spam. or index your reviews higher than your blog. You allways have to remember, that the most importent thing is your blog and it's content! And not the other sites.
is the website i use to get reviews of my blog. They are really good at it. They have 1000's of members that just is waiting to give your blog good reviews and real visits!

They can give you 20-40 visits to your blog plus 4-6 reviews of your blog in just one day! I have used this site for over 2 months now and i am verry happy to be a member. Just keep in mind that you have to visit other sites and review other sited, inorder to get visits and reviews.


It's also a good thing to be a member of a forum. Because you can promote your blog there by posting your url at the bottom of every post you make. But remember to read the rules of the forum. Not all of them allow you to post links.

Social blog comunity.

I am member of two social blog communities.

These are verry good, becouse they allow you to talk to other bloggers. and exchange knowledge and ideas. :) is a social blog comunity, where you can get payd to post post's for others. Verry nice if you want to ern money from your blog. But don't use it too much. Allways have more of your own content, than sponsored content! You might loose a lot of readers if you only post sponsored posts. is allso verry nice. They give you the possibility to join groups, exchange ideas, talk to other bloggers, promote your blog, and even be friend with other bloggers.


I only write original content
And i use to get reviews. to ern money from my blog. to connect with other bloggers.
And forums to promote my blog.
And here is 2 more things that i didn't mention before. You can use google adsense to ern money from your blog too. And you can also visit others blog and leave comments and leave your url at the bottom of the comment.

What is an url: It's your blog's webadress, like

And thats it

I hope you found this helpfull? :) And as you know, my mail

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