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Robots like humans

Yes it's true! I just heard it on the radio. In the future we might see robots walk around, looking just like humans. In the future, one can even merry a robot.

But why would anyone merry a robot?

I think that the reason for this is, that we find this new subject exciting. I mean, merry a robot? If that came out just 10 years ago, peaple would think that the researchers were insane.

But today everyone (allmost everyone), have a computer! Without a computer your life would be empty. Today every firm or store have a computer to keeb track of there sales and stuff like that, or to help employes serve their customers faster and better. Allmost every company have a homepage today and many of us have a personal blog of website like this one.

So imagine how smart a robot would be if their "Brain" had a direct connection to the internet, they would be able to read all the stuf on the internet and then use it in praksis or at work. Imagine how hard it would be to win a discussion, if the robot knew everything!

I'm afraid that we someday will build somthing so smart and strong, that it would take over our world! I allso think that's why we want to imagine a robot as a friendly robot that we can merry and not a terminator robot

Think about it. We fire people all the time, just becouse we have invented robots that can do the work. what if someday the robot's fired us. Just becouse they don't need us anymore, like we do now when we don't need workers anymore?

This was my randon thougt for today :) But think about it! i find it scarry! :(

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MMO said...

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August 2, 2009 at 5:42 AM  
Luka said...

I like technology, but weddings with robots are to much.....

Good blog btw

August 2, 2009 at 8:26 PM  
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