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Is classical games best?

Hi everyone out there, this post is about classical games. Becouse I think that todays games, is all about the graphic? Where is the good gameplay? If you look at a game like "Donkey Kong" as a classical game and then a game like crysis as a modern game.

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong is a very nice game, becouse the gameplay makes it very hard to complete the game without practise. And allmost any computer can run it!


Everyone with just a little experience in shooting games can complete this game. It's just a matter of time. The graphic is soo high that not even the top computers can run it on high without getting problems when the game starts to get just a little complex. The only reason that I havent completed it yet, is that it gets boring! To start with it's very fun, becouse of all the details and all that. The story behind the game is also very nice. But somehow it's just too easy.

I don't know if you can follow me? I just think that computer games today is boring and too easy to complete. It's all about having best graphic. and not the gameplay.


Most classical games don't have the possibility to be played online or on lan (Local Area Network)

That's the only nice thing about modern games. The LAN option. Crysis on LAN is a whole other thing than in singleplayer! It gets way more exiting, becouse you play against real people and not just some predictable bot's. Bot's are just virtual players, programmed to follow way points. And way points is a programmed route the bot is moving at.


Is it just me? Or is classical games just better than modern games? :)

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