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Very funny thought

Hey again :) I just want to share something very funny with my readers. You realy need to try this one yourself. :D

earlier today i was down at at local supermarket, where this very funny thought just hit me.

I had to get some ketchup fo my dinner. The ketchup stood on a shelf with free space on both sides, in an open box. So i just used some very basic math to figure out a way to make all the bottles with ketchup fall down, when a customer takes one of them. Ofcourse they were all made of plastic, so that they didn't break when they fall down.

I made it work, and as planned all the bottles with ketchup fell down, when the next costumer took one of them! And i just couldn't stop laughing! It was so funny :D

And here is how i did it:

As you can see, i have made a little drawing in paint. Just to show you my Princip.

The red boxes is the ketchup bottles, And the light gray box is the box where the ketchup stood in. And the dark gray box is the wall it all stood on.

Now. As the arrows shows you, When somone takes the bottle that stands alone, the other 2 falls down!

Plz try this at your local store :D it's very funny to see the person's reaction!

The end
my mail is as allways:

I hope that you liked it :)?

3 kommentarer:

I love it, will definitely try that out. I don't think i will do on plastic bottles though. Maybe use on some embarrassing products. Like condoms! They quietly pick up one pack of condoms only to end up covered in packs of them!!!

August 5, 2009 at 6:33 PM  

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