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What is 3D Studio Max

Hi everyone :) This post is about 3Ds-Max.

The program is a 3D program, used to model characters, animate movies and to make high detailed 3D opjects! I want to write about this program, becouse i like to use it myself. :)

Making simple 3D opjects

If you have a good imagination, it should be easy to make some awesome 3D objects. But lerning to use the program can be a little harder, becouse it is so big! And I mean very big! You can almost make everything between heaven and earth in this program.

I have used the program for about 2 years now, and I begin to like it more and more, Becouse I keeb finding new features that I didn't know before. That's the beauty about this program, one can allways find new ways to make things easyer, or new features to make things more detailed!

Making advanced 3D objects

As I mentioned before, the program has a lot of built in features that makes it easyer to make detailed 3D objects. And therefore the program is good for both simple tasks and advanced tasks.

Animating a movie in 3Ds-Max

Animating movies in 3Ds-Max is also reasonably easy. Ofcourse, if you want to make some high detailed and complex movies like "Wall E" or things like that, you will need to get some practise from tutorials on the net. I have made some small animations and some simple 3D pictures that I will show you later in the post :)


If you find yourself lost in this very big and complex program, then you can allways find some helpfull tutorials on the net.

This program is also very popular and has therefore also a lot of users! Wich makes it easy to find someone better than yourself to ask for help :) I do that myself :D

Things i have made in 3ds max

An axe, standing on a reflecting floor and a reflecting wall.

The same one as above, but with some diferent texture on the shaft.

A black star, made of reflecting material.

Two rims in a reflecting box. theese rims are made of the same material as the star, just with a little more light texture (Gray).

These are the same as the ones above, Just with another texture and some more shadows. The light is also turned down a little, to make the blue color more smooth and nice.

It took me 2 days to make this one! And i have used a lot of diffrent modifiers on this one, so i won't go in details with textures and stuff like that here :)

The videos will be uploaded later :) but i hope that you enjoied this? :)

The end
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