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Your blog name

Hi everyone :) In this post I want to give you some very good tips, about chosing the right name for your blog.

Getting a unique name

Getting a unique name can be difficult, and take a lot of time. But, it is realy worth the waiting :)

As you know, the best thing for a blogger, is to get known on google and have high rankings on the big search engines. But before you can get high ranking on search engines like google, you need to give them something they don't have already.

Therefore your blog name must be original and short. And that's it.

How to find a unique name

There is a lot of programs out there, But let them stay there. We don't need all that crap!

The only thing you need to find out all that, is google. Lets take a name like "my blog" if make a search on that name you get 778.000.000 results, that is a lot! And therefore that is not a name to use. If you then make a search on "Another my blog" The google only find 217.000.000 results. I know, that's also a lot! But now try to paste this into google. "Another my blog" and remember to use these " " when you search. now you should get 7900 results. And that means that the name is not very popular on google. and therefore a good choise for you.

My blog don't show in google under this new name?

First of all, don't use the example above. Next, this is not something that will happen overnight.

You realy need to give it some time to work, but in the meantime you can built up your network of backlinks! without backlinks (Other blogs or websites that link to your blog) you won't get ranked on google at all! Even if you have 50 or 100 visitors a day, you still won't get any rank from google. becouse google only finds one link that goes to your site/blog and that is your own url:.

One ting is getting a good name for your blog, another thing is to actually publish your new name.

Try using some link exchange, leave your link everywhere. On comments, reviews, forums, EVERYWHERE!!

Make your blog name relevant

It is very importent that your name fits your blog, don't use a name just becouse it sounds cool.

When someone search on a given name on google, they expect to get relevant results. Therefore, if you name your blog "Gamers blog" then peaple will expect that your content is about gaming, becouse they searched for gaming related content. If you then have a blog about music, people will then just open the site, then leave and never come back. But if you had just given your blog a name that indicates that the content is about music, people would maybe find it interesting and com back, or maybe tell others about it.

And then plz don't submit your blog to a traffic exchange. You won't get anything out of it, other than visitors visiting for credits and not becouse they like your blog.

And thats it
I hope you found this post informative :)
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