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Farm Town or Farm Ville

What is best?


Farmtown is full of bugs! It crashes all the time and sometimes you can't save!

I have played farmtown for a while now, i'm lvl. 27. But the game is just so full of bugs, that i can't take it serious! Every once in a while, the game won't save, (The solution to this saving problem).

But if you don't mind that the game sometimes crashes, then it is realy funny and addicting.

My score

on a global scale, i give this game 6 out of 10

But if we only look at free internet games, i give it 7 out of 10

Farm Ville

I haven't found any bugs in this clone of farmtown! The game runs better in my browser and there is no problem saving my work in the game.

The game is just a clone of farmtown, but with a little more professionel coding behind i think! The graphics are different, more like a cartoon movie than farmtown. The graphics in farmtown are more simular to games like, Sim city, Rollercoaster tycoon and games like those.

So i think that Farm Ville is the best one of theese two games! :)

My score

On a global scale, I give this game 6 out og 10

And if we only look at free internet games, I give this game 8 out of 10

The end! I hope this post helped you! :)

If you have problems with Farm Town? Then play FarmVille

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