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Music (Good or bad)

Why is it, that we know when music sounds great or not? Is it because that sounds fit together like magnets. So that two minus don't fit, but plus and minus do? If so, then making music would be way too easy. Because then we could just record some minus and plus sounds and put them together, so that they fit.
I think that it's a lot more complicated that that! So what is it, that makes music sounds good?

Some people think that its because that, music consists of some uniqe frequencies that activates a part of our mind. So that we like it. If that was true, then music could mind-fuck us! And make us du things that we don't want to and may regret later.

Others say that its a coincidence that we like some songs and others not.

Some people even thinks that songs are capable talking to our souls and therefore bring forward our memories from the past (as they are storet in our soul) And if those memories is good? Then we like the song. But two people like the same songs, does that then mean they have the same past? I don't think so!

Well, its nice to have a theori about why we like some songs and others not. Infact, there is a lot of them out there! But none of them tells us, what it is that makes us like a song?
Is it the beat, the singer, the name of the song, the artist name, the genre, or is it them all combined correctly that makes us like a song. Well, if it is? Then, how do we know when it all fits? I personaly like lot's of different songs! Both rock, pop and techno. So there muso be something in all of the songs that i like, something that is the same in all songs and genres! But what is it?

Thank you for reading this! :) This was my random thought of today! :)

I hope that you liked reading this? :)

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