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Stop smoking!!!

Hey everyone :) I hope that you all like my blog here! :D

In this post I will tell you all about, how it feels like when you are trying to stop smoking. Maybe you can do it better then me? :P

How many times have i tried to stop?

About 10 times i think! Well, it's not the most easy thing in the world to do! I can say that!
And all the times, i started again after few days.

What is my longest periode of not smoking?

About 4 month's i think. But sadly for me, I started again!

Do i smoke now?

No, Not at the moment. I decided to stop smoking for about 16 hours ago! :) So, let's see how long I can hold on this time hehe! :D

Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, And so on

Day one

Day one is allways the most easy of them all. But before i even think about trying to stop smoking, I allways start the night before i want to stop! Becouse, that way i don't have the need to smoke in the morning the next day :) But that's just me, It might not work for you?
Day two

Here it realy get's serious! This is not as easy, as some "Anti smokers" Might think! Trust me, it's NOT easy! My tip to all of you out there trying to stop smoking, is that you start buying some gum. Just so that you have something to put in your mouth :)

Day three!!

This one is as hard as it can be! The first time i made it to day three was about a year ago. That was not nice at all! It's like losing your boyfriend. There is so many feelings, that comes out on day three. Its like eraseing all you memories for the last 5 years! Like losing the meaning of life. Your need to take a smoke, is SO! Big on day three! My advice would be not to start smoking at all!! Becouse it take so much to get out of it again!

My tip to day three is, to start listening to some of your favorite music. Not some lonly quiet song. But something with power in! Something that can make you feel alive! :) Trust me, you will thank me for this tip! It realy helps.

And so on

From day 4 and forward, it starts to get easier, from day to day the first month. Then when you hit a month, you will feel like you hit a wall, your life suddenly don't make any sense. You will start to feel just like on day three. But here you will need to combine the tip from day two and day three. And supplement it with one thing more, But i will get to that later.

Do as you allways do. Start your morning by eating breakfast, Go to work/school and do there as you allways do. But, When you wake up at the morning, then take a piece of gum. And put on your favorite song, while you get finished for work/school. You know, not some boring song! Put something great on :D Something that makes you feel alive! Then when you go to work, don't eat any gum or hear any music at all! Becouse if you do, then my last tip won't work! :)

Now, when you get home from work, Buy some candy, and rent a movie! Just sit down and get the feeling of that it realy is possible to enjoy life, without smoking! :)

From here, and the rest of your life

Now it's just up to you. Do you have what it takes to keeb up the good mood? :) You will never get rid of the feeling, that you need a smoke again! NEVER! When you first started, you will never get to live a life without the bad feeling when you don't smoke.

1. You are not cool, just becouse you smoke.
2. You a stupid if you start smoking.
3. Don't think that your mom won't find out.
4. Only losers smoke.
5. Stop NOW! Before you get too addicted
6. Don't be stupid and start to smoke, just becouse your friends do!

All These things, I did. So i'm just lame!. And you are too, if you smoke!

At the moment, i realy regret that i started, becouse i use so many money and time on nothing!

The end

Í hope you liked reading this post! :) And i hope that you could use some of my tips! :)

Greetings from Jim The owner of this blog

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