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Have something done!

Want to stop smoking, start loosing fat, get bigger muscles or lern how to make websites?
By using my new method, you can force yourself to do things like the ones mentioned above.

Step 1.
Write yourself a note, that explains what you want to accomplish or have done. Like this: I want to stop drinking cola everyday and only drink it once a week.

Step 2.
Place your note infront of you, while doing the thing you like to doing the most. This wil let your mind remember the note and compare it to the thing you like doing the most and therefore you will more likely do what the note says.

Step 3.
Place your note next to your bet, on a table. When you sleep, you are aware of the things arround you and therefore your mind will use the note in at least one of your dreams that night. note that you might not remember the dream. But it will for sure help you even furter to accomplish what the note says.

Step 4.
Make a pact with your friends, by showing them your note. By doing that, it will make it harder for you not to do what the note says. Note that if you don't want to tell your friends, then you can tell your family and it will still work. You can also tell both your friend and your family and make the effect even stronger! :)

Step 5.
Now just keeb the note on you for another week or so, or just untill you can remember the no easily.

You should now find it a lot easier to acheive what you wantet to
acheive :)

The end
I hope that I was able to help you by posting this? :)

Greetings and best of luck, from Jim Rasmussen. The owner of this blog.

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