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The thing you hade the most.

The things you hade the most, is sometimes also the things you love the most, or at least think good of.
Don't you ever wonder why the things that you hate the most, sometimes also is one of the things you may have liked or even still like.

Well, I have! It happens all the time for me. And in this post, I will try to share my thoughts on this subject

Love is the one thing that i hate the most! But don't get me wrong now, love is great when the other person loves you too or when you just know that he/she does. But i could very much live without all the confusing emotions that runs through my head, when i think that i love someone and not knowing if she loves me back or not. I say stupid things, I can very easy get hurt, my heart is pumping very fast and i can't think clear.
Well, you might like this kind of feeling. But i don't and that's where my point is. Just becouse you like something, dosen't mean that your partner, friend, mother or your internet/sms-friends does. This is one way to be connected with the things you hate the most.

Another way.
The things in your life that you love, is also the things that you know best. That is why you know what to hate about that thing or person.

A third way.
Now we know that you have to know what to hate, in order to hate it. But not everything about a person or a thing is bad, right? Becouse why did we find the person or thing in the first place and get to know it. If we knew that we would be going to hate it.

My thought.
So, in order to hate something. We must love it. And before we can love it, we must also hate it. Think about that :D

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Ross said...

Hey your cute!

I like the picture of the little house with the clouds behind it.

Um, sometimes when we think we hate someone, we are just desperately scared they could be judging us negatively.

Its too bad that you have such a painful time falling in love. But once you find the right person, they will let you know that your love is returned and that you are fully accepted.

Begin to see that you are a truly beautiful person and you can start to impress your knowledge of your inner beauty on the people you find beautiful.

I think your beautiful :)

Here's my blog if you wanna get back at me.

January 5, 2010 at 12:56 AM  
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