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Water can think

Hey everyone :) Did you know that water can think? :O

I just found out and then i thought that i wantet to share this with my readers! :)

First of all
I did some experimenting and found out that one cam make water do different things!.

You can make it freeze on demand.

You can also make it taste better, by giving it some love :P

How to make it freeze.
First you will need a bucket, filled with water. Then put some salt in the water, So that you have salt water! Place the bucket in a cold place (Under 0 degrees). That could be in a freezer, or outside in the snow (At winter). leave the bucket there, untill the water in it is under the 0 degrees.

Now you take a small empty CocaCola bottle, or something like that and fill it with normal water. Place the bottle with normal water inside, in the bucket with cold salt water for about 4-8 hours. That depends on how cold the salt water is.

4-8 hours later:
Take the bottle up now and slam it against a wall ( Don't break it! ). The water inside the botle should now begin to freeze.

The water didn't freeze before, becouse the salt water around it didn't either. But when you take the bottle up and smash on it, The water inside begins to freeze becouse it realizes that it is under 0 degrees.

Saltwater can be freezing -23 degrees, without making ice.

The end
I think that this is amazing :)

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