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Mom? What is this? "Christmas story"

The story starts far away up in the cold mountains, in a small wooden house.
"Hey, mon?. Why does it still snow outside?" Said Martin. Martin was a young boy at 13 years. "What do you mean my dear? It allways snow up here." His mom was one of those "Mom's" Who just make ones life 200% better living.
"Year, i konw, but my friend said that it didn't snow everywhere?" Martin had a friend, who lived just 500 meters away. A rich friend, who's parents just moved up in the mountains to write. "Well, that's becouse he comes from the big city NewYork and it does not snow there all the time." "ah, okay, i see."

2 days later
"Mom, mom, mom, mom!!" My friend asks me if i can take with him to NewYork. It will only be for a week." "Hmm, I don't know." "Come on mom!" Martin smiled "Okay, but you have to be here on time, one week from now!" Mom said. "I promise mom, I promise."

2 days later, in newyork
"Martin! Hurry up, my mom wants to tell you something important." It was 8'a clock, in the morning. "Hey martin, I have something sad to say. Your mom ---|1 minute of silence|--- your mom might be hurt." "What!?" Marting was sad, he could not understant how that could be. "What happend to her?" did Martin ask. Lisa was Martins frinds mom. "She went after us when we drove away to the airport." "But, why would she do that?" said Martin. "I don't know?" Said Lisa. "And how do you know that she is hurt? You don't get hurt just by driving a car?"

Lisa said that the local hospital had called and said that she was in great danger! Her car had been hit by a truck. At the time when Lisa told Martin, Martin was chocked and very sad. He didn't even want to go to the movies with his friend. Lisa decided to take Martin home to his mom.

1 day later, back home at the hospital
"Hey mom!" Martin ran through the hospital and right into his moms arms. "I haven't slept all the night mom! Why did you come after us?" "I just wantet to give you this note my dear and tell you that you could open it when you arrived at NewYork"

The letter
Hi martin, my sweet son. NewYork is a long way from home and i'm going to miss you so much. Allways remember my son, that i love you very much.

The end

I hope that you all liked my little story :)

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