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Where the first snowman came from

Hey everyone! :) And happy 3 Decemper.

Today i'm going to write about the snowman and why we make them.

I found this short article on the internet, which describes why we make smowmen.
It's a well-documented fact that the very first snowman was made in Eau Claire, Wisconsin on January 7, 1809 by a Mr. Vernon N. Paul and his nine-year-old daughter, little Yetty Paul. According to Mr. Paul, he told his daughter that the snowman was intended to frighten away the Boxing Day elves. (Popular legend said Boxing Day Elves reclaimed Christmas presents.) Once the Paul family's neighbors saw the snowman, and little Yetty explained to her friends how easy it was to make (and no doubt, how effective it was at keeping the Boxing Day elves away), children all over the town were making snowmen.

Word soon spread and the New York Times dispatched a writer named Hillary Sherpa to check out rumors of a town poulated by snow men. Of course, she found that Eau Clairre was not really populated by snow people, but instead, effigies of people, made of snow, "seemed to virtually populate every corner of the town." According to the Ms. Sherpa's article, even though the snowmen and snowwomen "had an appearance bordering on abysmal, indeed abominable, even" the trend caught on and soon spread nationwide by the eve of the Civil War. When war broke out in South Carolina in 1861, the Times of London (and a host of other international newspapers and news reporting agencies, including Berlin's leading newspaper, Der Kruller) came to the US to report on the war. The TRime os London actually was the first international newspaper to pick up a story on the tradition of snowmen, more as a human interst story than anything else. And as they say, "the rest is history."

That's cool, right? :) So we better get going! And get thoose snowmen built! :D

The end

Come back again tomorrow, wherei will post "Why do we have a Christmas Tree, and how did it originate?"

Best of luck, from me! :) Jim Rasmussen

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