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Your dreams And your mothers life.

In this post, i'm going to tell you all something very awsome.

Do you know what astral projection is?

Do you know what your mother was like, before you were born.

Did you know that you can dream about, what your mother did, before you were born.

I have always wanted to experience an out of body experience, but I never have been able to do it. One can do it by leaving the body in sleep (Astral Projection).

I decided to do some research on this subject.
I now know that, one can actualy dream about what his/hers mother did before he was ever born! And that you can, by using the astral projection method. Wake up in your sleep and meet other people who also left their body while sleeping. There should be a whole other world hidden in the astral layers.

One can force this to happen, by listning to relaxing music before falling a sleep.

This was a short post, I know. But I just wanted to tel you all about this Astral projection thing and that one can dream what his/hers mother did in her life, before he was born.

But, before i leave, I want to show you something!.

Lucid dreaming, as it is also called. Can be experienced by giving yourself a tiny wakeup call when you sleep. That could be a lamp blinking or a small sound of some kind. But in the link below, i found a small device that cam make you have theese dreams :) Check it out!

Link to the device

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