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Just keeb on going

Hi everyone! I'm sorry for not posting here on my blog for a while now! But i just have so much in my head theese days.

Today i'm going to tell you all a little story, about keeb on going. So im going to start with a movie! After the movie i will cuntinue my little story :) Plz enjoy!

The video above was made by Mily Cyrus.

Keeb on going

Now, what does this "Keeb on going" mean? Well, it's just a way of speaking and how i think that ones life is ment to be lived! I think that if you just take all bad things and all good things from your past life, throw it away and only concentrate on the new things in your life. The past is a mystery that we never can solve.

Why use your time solving things that has already happend? When you can use your time solving the problems that you are facing at the moment. Think about that. Let your happanings guide your way through life.

When you have decided to move forward.

Choose one path in your live and the follow that path until it splits up again. Again, don't use your time thinking about what would had happened, if you had choosen a different path. Life is too short for that. Then when you are on your way trhough life, on your own path. Make sure that you let your path guide you to the next split, if you are afraid of following the path that you have choosen, you might end up far away from your own life's path and loose a lot of your time finding your way back on the right path again. Ofcourse you can say that there are no right path, but only the one that you choose. But if you get off that path, then it's not your path anymore.

Let's say that you have to get from a to b. A being you as child and b being you as old. At a, there is 3 ways to choose from. They all get to the same place at the end "b". Now you choose path 2 and start walking your way through the path. At the end of that path, you now see that there are 100 different path'es to choose from. No matter wich one you choose, you will get a car that make your trip through your path easyer. You choose path 56 and starts your new car. This road is hard to follow becouse of all the curves. You then start's to wonder if one of the other path'es might have been easyer to follow? Or maybe faster? While your are using a lot of your concentration, thinking about this other path. You forget to turn at the next curve and drives over a cliff. Now, becuse you didn't concentrate on the path you had choosen, you drive wrong and now have to spend a lot of time driving back to where you began the new path, to get on course again. This amount of time, you could have used to get further og the original path that you choosed from the begining. Therefore you dont get as far in your life as you could.

End of story

I hope that you found my little story interesting, or maybe helping. Just don't use your time thinking about your past! Move forward and get rich. Not rich in money, but in life experience and happiness! :)

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