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2012 Review

I just got home from the cinema, after watching the movie "2012" Great movie i must say!

The happening starts very quick and the story behind is very short! You have to realy concentrate to understand the story behind 2012.
2010 and 2011 is where the story behind is happening. Then you will be thrown into the year of 2012, with a great amound of action! And that's where the movie realy starts to get exiting! The movie lasts for almost 3 hours. 2 hours an 40 minutes to be exact.

Actors: John Cusack, Chiwetel Ejiofer, Oliver Platt, Danny Glover, Woody Harrelson, Amanda peet and Thandie Newton.

4 Out of 5

That's my personal score of this movie. Great film and great actors. This film has to be watched in the cinema or with a big home cinema system!

And that was it, im out! :) Hope you all get the chance to watch this movie!
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Jim Rasmussen

You can get more info on the movie here ---> 2012 Who will survive

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