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What would the world be like if everything was upside-down? If it was Cold when it suposed to be warm, or if a lot of money was worth nothing and small amounts was worth a lot. Would the world then be a better place?

I heard this thought from one of my friends today and I have heard it from others too. But why do some of us wonder what the world would be like if everything was different? Well, I think that it's because of all the stress in our life! We don't have time to relax anymore and if we then make time to relax, we might end up loosing our jop or others might think that we are lazy! I think that we push ourselves way too hard! We forget who we realy are and what we stand for. All the time we try to live up to those millionairs who think that they are above us "normal" humans who don't have our asses filled up with money!

But what do you think? Don't you want to use your short life, doing things, see the world, travel in the mountains, Relax, listen to the radio, have a life without stress. But, most of all, a life where we don't have to run all the time to ern for the living and then in the end feel like our life has just disappeared. I think that if we keeb on going as fast as we do and keeb turning ub the pressure! Then we might end up destroying ourselves and have to start all over again. I know that we only use 10 percent of our brain-capacity. But that's just because that we do not know how to fully understand ourselves. If we just lerned how to use our brain and our boddy fully, then we could have feagured out this "How to make our world a better place" problem, a long time ago :)

Think about that! :)

Plz, post some comments on this post and tell me what you think? Am i right? Or do i get this all wrong? Tell me what you think :)

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