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Funny thought

Hey everyone :D Here is something you should try! :)

Next time you go to your local store, then find the place where all the kitchen stuff is and turn all the clock timers at 5 min. :D And then hide somewhere near. Just so that you can see what happens when someone walks over there and they start ringing! :D

I know that this one is a little old! But still fun. And if you sometimes just need a cheap lough? Then this one is great :)

Things that you shouyld know before you do it:

  1. When you turn a analog clock, then remember to turn it all the way over to one hour or what ever the max amount of time is and then turn it back to 5 min. By doing this, the clock will ring longer.
  2. Make sure that you don't get cought in your own trap! I mean, make sure that you are done before the first clock starts to ring.
  3. Make sure that there is noone around when you do it.
  4. Don't do it more than once in that same store. Otherwise they will remove the clocks and people will find out that it was you.
  5. But try doing it in different stores :D

And that was it!
I hope that you liked my post? :) And if you find this one funny? Then you might like the one below too:
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