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When you wake up and can't sleep

When i woke up about 20 minutes ago, i just couldn't fall a sleep again! I really hate it when that happens :)

What i usually do is. I get up and make me some snacks (Bacon with eggs or toast with ham and cheese). Then turn on the television and wait until i get tired again. Not that much fun...

Tonight i decided to do something else. I decided to take a walk in the city and see what was going on out there (If anything) ? Well, i was not surprised when i found out that nothing was going on, on a Thursday night, and that the silence was overwhelming.

But then i realized how beautiful and peaceful it was to just walk around, listen to the wind and look at the stars. Every step on the sideway felt like a peace of my worries being ripped away from me. And the cold wind made me feel alive. Really ALIVE!. Every thing suddenly makes sense now, all the puzzles in my head got solved.

I don't know what was happening to me? But it was wonderful.

After i got home

Then i was shocked about how tired i felt and how relaxed my mind was. Not only did i burn a lot of energy walking around. But i also had the possibility to just let go of every stressful thought in my mind! What a feeling! :) Just letting the night swallow all of the stress in my mind and clear my mind before i go to sleep again.

I could really get used to doing this when i can't sleep. You all should try it.

What do you do when you can't sleep?

Let me know about what you do to get tired again? :)

Best of luck in getting back to bed again!  
Jim Rasmussen

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