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After winter and just before summer

It is depressing! But why?

In this post, I'm going to write about my thoughts on why this time of the year can be so depressing. Not only do i feel tiered and bored all the time. But also i can't do nothing about it.

We all like summer! Right !?

Summer is the time of year where the girls look awesome and the sun is making everyone so happy! But also the time of the year where you can walk around inside and outside without always being worried about your jacket. And you get the sweet smell of flowers every morning.

What about winter? 

Yes, winter is very cozy and nice. But for a limited time! That's about all i have to say about winter. Except for the holidays around Christmas and new years eve! That is the best time of the year! :)

And this is why i hate the cold days just before summer

The sun is shining and the garden looks so warm and nice, You want to take a walk downtown and enjoy the feeling of summer and happy faces. But you can't! Because every time you open that door, then the cold wind just bites you and scare all the good mood out of you. You can't even pick up the mail without 3 wearing layers of clothes.

The only thing left to do is watching tv, get bored or just look at the sun behind the cold windows thinking about how much you miss summer.

Am i the only one feeling this way?

Leave some comments and descripe your thoughts on spring :)

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